Looks from yesteryear still in vogue | Trending

The best bits from the mid-century modern design period continue to shine.

Bomba chair, from $2600. Suave seats that are designed for one but can often fit two remain a statement piece in the home all these decades later. schiavello.com

Elie Beaumont Ladies Oxford Watch, $99. Its classic dial and band make this accessory stand the test of time. watchfactory.com.au

Helyo Women's 1950s dress, $61.82. The pencil dress was a popular fitted frock that is still suitable to wear to work in the 21st century. amazon.com.au

Ilara marble a brass table, from $389. Comes in two sizes, and would look most effective if you invested in one of each. sheridan.com.au

Glass pendant. $149. Embraced by a new generation, while others are falling in love with mushroom lamps and dome-shaped lighting all over again. fatshackvintage.com.au

Pearl Blossom earrings, $340 (made to order). Sterling silver and pearl earrings handmade by Mana Kawasaki. egetal.com.au

Design House ceramic decorator dish, $8. Pairing gold or brass finishes with black was a common occurrence during the mid-century, and is enjoying a resurgence. bigw.com.au

Navy jacket, $299.99. Proof that well tailored pieces never go out of fashion. tarocash.com.au

Rubi Savannah sunglasses, $19.95. Oversized white frames will be hot on the public catwalk (be it the beach or the street) this summer. theiconic.com.au

The Mid-Century Modern Garden by Murdoch Books, $69.99. A coffee table book linking the design of homes and gardens popular during the mid-century period to contemporary style. thestore.com.au

Roland console table, $1529. Sharp, clean lines and no fuss epitomise what we love about the modern mid-century style. zanui.com.au

Ecoya soy melt burner, $29.95. Infuses a room with a delicate fragrance as the soy melt melts. lookfantastic.com.au