Fishing report for Kangaroo Island | Nov. 29

Regular KI visitor Allan Robb of Mt Gambier and his mates have been regularly bagging out on King Goerge whiting in the Bay of Shoals channel in recent weeks.

The key is to fish the bottom of incoming tide and make sure to use fresh cockles and squid. Another key is plenty of burley in a heavy burley pot.

Speaking of whiting numbers, Kingscote local Peter Murch was down the jetty the other day and tied up alongside was the Port Adelaide registered trawler “Challenger” running out of Port Lincoln.

Peter got chatting to the crew and they told him they have the SA quota for salmon, that being 700 tonne per year.

They supply crayfish boats at $1.90/kilo and a company in Victoria - Peck's - that makes a fish spread at $3.90/kilo. They had been fishing the north coast of KI and use a spotter plane.

“I was speaking about whiting and how the seals are probably affecting stocks,” he said. “Their take is the fact that when they net the salmon and put them into the holding tanks of chilled water, the salmon vomit. The bottom 40cm of the large holding tanks are covered in half eaten whiting. His take is that they are so ferocious when feeding that it's a bit like the centre of a cyclone, radiating out, whereby they consume large volumes very quickly. Salmon are a greater threat than seals in his opinion.”

Shane Murton at Fishing SA magazine suggests snook are starting to thicken up also as the water warms. Kingscote jetty during low light periods and at night always worth a try with bait, slow retrieve pilchards/whitebait or lures such as soft plastics, minnows etc. 

Any other structures around Kingscote always worth a try as well, boat ramp and swimming pool. Thanks Shane.

I was surprised on the weekend to catch a large female blue swimmer crab that was full of eggs. The crab caught on whiting rig was released back into the Bay of Shoals.

This indicates that these crabs not normally caught on KI in numbers are breeding up. 

Perhaps the fact that snapper stocks are in decline have something to do with it. PIRSA is hosting a meeting on snapper stocks at West Beach this Thursday, November 29. RecfishCentral is pushing for extending the snapper closure. .