Letters to The Islander | Dec. 6

KI WHALE: Visiting UK doctor Vaughan Keeley photographed the humpback whale playing off Cape d'Estaing, Emu Bay last Monday. Story on Page 4.
KI WHALE: Visiting UK doctor Vaughan Keeley photographed the humpback whale playing off Cape d'Estaing, Emu Bay last Monday. Story on Page 4.

North Cape farming

Re: article in The Islander last week on Page 10 with reference to North Cape blocks 1 and 2 being marginal and degraded country.  

I would like to advise that, this week, immediately over the fence from those blocks, we have reaped a 3 Tonne/Ha canola crop and shorn wethers that cut 7kgs/head of beautiful wool.

Pretty good production results for marginal and degraded country by anyone’s reckoning! The 22Ha mentioned in the article, now sown to trees, produced a 2Tonne /Ha Broad Bean crop last year – another excellent result for marginal and degraded country!  

The North Cape area has been renowned for over 100 years for the excellent malt barley it produces.

This week Kangaroo Island Pure Grain received an order for 5000 Tonnes of malt barley grain to South Korea. They want it from Kangaroo Island. Every hectare taken out of production means it’s harder to fill these wonderful orders.  

The Island can’t afford to lose any more highly productive farmland. It’s high time that legislation reflected this and that people remember where their food actually comes from. Trees won’t feed hungry nations.

R. Bell, Kingscote

Thanks for support

As the former Mayor of Kangaroo Island I would like to sincerely thank all of the contestants for elected member positions to the council. It was a show of support for community affairs and our third tier of government. 

Interestingly, a number of people have asked me about the authority of the mayor within local government and I have been consistent with my explanation to people in this matter. 

The mayor is a servant of the people just like the councillors and staff of the council and within the Local Government Act, a mayor does not have any particular authority. It is the councillors you have elected that have all the decision-making authority.

Another former Mayor Jackie Kelly once told me very profoundly; it is the position of mayor that is to be honoured and not necessarily the person that holds the position. 

In this sense any authority held by the mayor is a perceived authority, which comes from an inherent trust by the community. 

Lastly, despite the charades and disagreements over the past two terms, I have never known any elected member on the council to ever have anything other than the community’s best interests at heart.  Today we have some excellent people serving the community and their decisions no doubt will lead us forward into a prosperous future.  

Peter Clements, Seddon

Bight oil drilling

No-one wants to see an oil spill like the one in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 where thousands of birds, fish and other marine life were severely affected. 

To immediately link the current drilling in the GAB to these events is alarmist. If there are specific features of the plan that may put the project at risk to the environment, then put your concerns to the relevant authority.  

Australia needs to make use of its resources while they are still required. It helps the balance of payments.  

To put money back into the environment, we have to earn it first, so It’s up to our politicians including Rebekha Sharkie to be focussed in supplying timely advice instead of taking the high ground from the start.

Peter John Mirtschin, Clayton Bay, SA

SA snapper stocks

I was very interested to read your articles regarding snapper stocks in South Australia, but there was one fact that did not get a mention and it is very relative. SARDI’s latest estimate is that state wide the catch by commercial fishermen and recreational fishermen is 50/50. Responsible proper management must be shared by all.

Hugh Bayly, Wangary, SA