Gosse fire still burning uncontrolled toward South Coast Road

The Country Fire Service has a Watch and Act message in place for the Gosse fire that is burning toward South Coast Road. 

Vivonne Bay remains evacuated and roads are closed into the area.

According to a local social media post, the fire burned through Riggs’ farm along Stockdale Road and into the blue gum plantation. It burned the back of the Florance’s and Morgan’s farms. A lagoon and wind change slowed the fire. 

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers meanwhile has issued a statement that two of its properties, Stockland and North East River, have been impacted on by the fire.

These eucalyptus plantations represent 2.5 per cent of its timber assets and early reports are that about half the trees on these plantations have been affected to some degree. 

This warning message has been issued for people in Mount Taylor Road, Gosse, Mount Stockdale Road, South Coast Road and Vivonne Bay areas. 

North Westerly winds are predominantly pushing the fire in a South Easterly direction towards South Coast Road, Vivonne Bay, however there is also fire activity in the north and north western parts of the fireground, which currently poses no threat to property.

Current Watch and Act area for the Gosse fire - Friday, Dec. 7.

Current Watch and Act area for the Gosse fire - Friday, Dec. 7.

A wind change is expected later today, which will may cause the fire to change direction. While the fire has not yet moved across Mount Stockdale Rd, in a North Easterly direction, the fire may move across this road later today.

The Gosse fire is currently about 1200 hectares in size. About 40 local firefighters are currently working on the fireground and are being supported by 10 additional fire trucks and 55 firefighters from the mainland. There are also four fire bombing aircraft and the fire is still actively burning. Crews are currently working on the fire edge along Mount Stockdale Rd.

Strike Teams from the mainland landed on Kangaroo Island on Thursday evening, December 6 to support crews for the Gosse fire.

Volunteer firefighter crews from Rapid Bay, Port Elliot, Waitpinga, Currency Creek, Seaford Country Fire Service, Kangarilla, Willunga Country Fire Service, Aldinga Beach Country Fire Service and Mclaren Vale SA Country Fire Service and an Incident Management Team will help support local crews for the next few days.

Kangaroo Island SES crews were refilling the CFS aerial water bombing aircraft at the Turkey Lane airfield. 

Motorists are advised not drive into this area. A large amount of smoke is visible across most of Kangaroo Island. Fire conditions may be erratic and emergency services will be present.

Roads have been closed due to this incident.

  • South Coast Road is closed between Gosse Ritchie Rd and Crabbs Rd.
  • Crabbs Road is closed between South Coast Road and Gosse Ritchie Rd
  • Harriet Road is closed between East West Two road and South Coast Road
  • Mount Taylor Road is closed between East West Two and South Coast Road

For updates visit the CFS website (www.cfs.sa.gov.au) or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.