Firefighters battle to contain Gosse bushfire | PHOTOS

The Islander on Friday morning was taken on a tour of the Gosse bushfire that is still burning uncontrolled on Kangaroo Island. 

We travelled withe CFS media liaison officer to the northern boundary of the fire at Mt Taylor Road where the first was first reported on Thursday afternoon.

The fire was spotting ahead causing concern for the firefighters and was flare ups in the blue gum plantations were sending up large plumes of black smoke.

A front was due to hit Kangaroo Island on Friday afternoon with concerns that it could push the fire further east and across Stockdale and South Coast roads.

The Islander understands that many people have chosen to stay at their homes at Vivonne Bay, even though there had been an Emergency warning issued on Thursday afternoon.

As of Friday afternoon, that had been downgraded to a Watch and Act warning.

Back on Mt Taylor Road, landowners were assisting the local and mainland firefighters, standing by ready to fight the fire if it moved into their paddocks.

There were earth firebreaks dug into the ground where paddocks met the plantation timber where the fire was burning uncontrolled.

We ran into the a group of young Parndana firefighters, Frank May, Jaymee Ireland and Braden Pohlner, blackened and tired but still upbeat, who were manning the Western District 34 appliance.

The Parndana fire station was a hive of activity as the staging area and base for the incident command team.

LATEST CFS UPDATE:  North Westerly winds are predominantly pushing the fire in a South Easterly direction towards South Coast Road, Vivonne Bay, however there is also fire activity in the north and north western parts of the fireground, which currently poses no threat to property.

A wind change is expected soon, which will may cause the fire to change direction. While the fire has not yet moved across Mount Stockdale Rd, in a North Easterly direction, the fire may move across this road when the wind changes. Fire conditions may be erratic and emergency services will be present.

The Gosse fire is currently about 1200 hectares in size. About 40 local firefighters are currently working on the fireground and are being supported by 10 additional fire trucks and 55 firefighters from the mainland. There are also four fire bombing aircraft and the fire is still actively burning. Crews are currently working on the fire edge along Mount Stockdale Rd.

Motorists are advised not drive into this area. A large amount of smoke is visible across most of Kangaroo Island.