KI Council approves licences for water pipeline to Cliffs golf development

KIPT's Sheep Creek Dam would supply surplus water to the proposed new golf links at Pennington Bay. Photo KIPT.
KIPT's Sheep Creek Dam would supply surplus water to the proposed new golf links at Pennington Bay. Photo KIPT.

The Kangaroo Island Council at its December meeting approved licences for the water pipeline being planned for the proposed golf course at Pennington Bay.

Councillors however demanded more information and will request that SA Water give deputation on the water pipeline proposal at an upcoming meeting. 

According to the council minutes, the council administration was approached during November to further discuss the planned install of an extension to the water pipeline from the corner of Arranmore Road and Playford Highway to the Links golf course at Pennington Bay.

The pipeline is a joint venture between a number of developers of the proposed The Cliffs golf course development and SA Water.

The pipeline is being constructed and installed by the company Irrigation Management, which has been appointed by KI Links to liaise with SA Water and other stakeholders to commence construction of the planned pipeline.

SA Water will audit construction as the pipeline progresses at various hold points along the 31km route to make sure it is built to SA Waters, required design standards.

At completion of the pipeline it is intended that it will become public infrastructure and be maintained by SA Water.

Because the works are being undertaken by a private developer, in conjunction with SA Water, until SA Water have a vested interest in the pipework where construction has been audited and signed off as compliant with SA Water plans and design, the council is required to provide a license for these works.

“All pipework and structural plans for this project have been approved by SA Water, and designed to accommodate future upgrades to the mains water supply along the route,” the council minutes read.

“As it is intended for this pipeline to become public infrastructure SA Water are also making a financial contribution to this project.

“The pipeline will be designed to include, as a minimum a connection point for the Airport on Arranmore Road, a connection point for American River at the intersection of Muston Road and Hog Bay Road, and four standpipes for CFS and community use.”

Councillors asked at Wednesday’s meeting where the water would be coming from, how could other private landowners tie into the line and would the line be in danger of inundation in low-lying areas of Nepean Bay.

Question about water being taken from the Island’s drinking water source Middle River Dam and where it would be placed at a dam at Pennington Bay were also asked. 

The golf course proposal has been controversial on Kangaroo Island given the sensitive coastal land and zoning process employed by the SA Government.

Kangaroo Island Golf Links (KIGL) approached timber company KIPT last year about using surplus water from the Sheep Creek Dam on KIPT’s MacGill property, on a corner of Playford Highway and Turkey Lane.

The dam is of similar area to the Middle River facility, which supplies Kangaroo Island’s mains water.