KIWN carnival will celebrate KI’s wildlife

LITTLE ORPHAN: Tim Tam an orphaned Tamar Wallaby that was raised by a volunteer from the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network.

LITTLE ORPHAN: Tim Tam an orphaned Tamar Wallaby that was raised by a volunteer from the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network.

The Wildlife Carnival is a celebration of Kangaroo Island’s wildlife, to be held at The Islander Estate cellar door on Wednesday, January 9.

Timed to coincide with peak tourism season, the event aims to raise awareness around what we can each do to protect our wildlife, and raise funds for the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network (KIWN).

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network (KIWN) was created so that injured or orphaned wildlife could receive the best care possible. 

Through education and community engagement, KIWN aims to help prevent road trauma involving wildlife and provide the necessary skills and support to those carers dedicated to raising and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife.

“The network is driven by a group of dedicated volunteers who invest their time and resources into the rescue and rehabilitation of our wildlife,” KIWN chairperson Kate Welz said.

“For example, we have had trained volunteers out on the Gosse fire ground for the past two days searching for injured animals. We are hoping this event will not only help raise awareness but also much needed funds to help us continue our work.”

Nancy Bates.

Nancy Bates.

Sarah Kemp from Smart Future Creative, who is organizing the event in partnership with KIWN, said; “Gates open at 5pm and the show will kick off with Kangaroo Island singer-songwriters Patti Blucher, Richard Glatz and Boone Law. Our very own master African drummer Sam Oshodi will then get the heart pumping in a lively performance of song and drum. 

“He will be followed by special guest Nancy Bates, a proud and strong Barkindji Woman from New South Wales. Nancy has recently launched her solo career after a number of years of touring with Archie Roach and her songs are pure emotion, a gift to the human spirit.

“Food and wine will be available to purchase from the Islander Estate Vineyard Cellar Door and Chef Sue Pearson’s That Van. There will also be kids activities, market stalls and a charity auction.” 

The evening will conclude with filmmaker Samuel Chen presenting his multiaward winning documentary “Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge”.

Mr Chen said “’Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge’ was an important story for me to tell. I wanted to make a film for our planet, and also the community of Kangaroo Island – many of my friends that work tirelessly trying to look after the Island. I chose to make a full behavioural wildlife documentary, to connect the audience to the perspective of our wildlife, with the hope that they might empathise, and consider who they might be speeding past everyday. The highlight for me was the opportunity to spend six months filming on the Island, and being able to build trust with the individual animals - kangaroos, goannas and hooded plovers. This was the heart of the project. A self-funded project, I couldn’t have made it without the support of many on the Island. Whether it was Lily and the kids who acted in it, Peggy and Mike who bought me into the world of goannas, or Torran and Schoey, that fed me information on where to find certain animal behaviour.”


KIWN is currently seeking financial and in-kind support from the community to make this event a success in the way of cash contributions.

KIWN is a registered charity and you will receive a tax deductible receipt or donation of items/services that will be sold in a charity auction.

If you would like to receive a sponsorship document or show your support please contact Sarah on or Kate on 

Full event details and tickets will be released on Monday, December 18.