Kingscote takes on MacGillivray in KI cricket | PHOTOS

The Kangaroo Island Cricket Association A-grade match between Kingscote and Macgillivray on Saturday, January 5 had the makings of a great game with conditions near perfect for cricket.

Someone must have forgotten to tell the batsmen from both sides that they weren’t still on the Christmas break, as from the get go runs were like diamonds.

MacGillivray batted first and apart from R. Bullman putting on a few it was a wicket fest for the Kingscote bowlers who all contributed to restricting the Hawks to a total of 77.

Great to see young “Jacko” Lockett putting a few on towards the end showing up some of his adult counterparts how to go about it.

Some would say that Kingscote were clear favourites at this stage, but with murmurings around the clubrooms about chasing small totals, it was never a given. 

Two balls into the innings and the first wicket was gone with P. Collins bending a ball behind L. Virgo’s legs removing the Kingscote captain’s leg stump.

Signs were already looking ominous for the Dogs and the way that J. Bald and R. Bullman were bowling it was a struggle all the way with no one really making an impression on the scoreboard and falling short by 15 runs.

Bullman ended up with five wickets and top score for any batsman and had a way better day than anyone. Happy New Year! – Backward Square Leg    

Junior cricket

Saturday saw MacGillivray juniors also head into Kingscote for the first Colts match of 2019.

All the kids looked like they had enjoyed the Christmas break, some of the parents not so sure.

The Hawks batted first and their top order did not disappoint with J. Lockett, R. Florance, T. Lovering and C. Baker all retiring.

The lower order continued to tick over the scoreboard making sure that they had a very competitive score of 144.

T Richardson and K. Henderson bowled well for Kingscote both getting a wicket but it was Macmillan Bradshaw in his first game getting a couple of wickets towards the end of the innings who shone out.

Great to see he already has a bit of a “celebration’’ after taking a wicket.

Kingscote did not have an ideal start to their run chase with both the Virgos trapped in front LBW followed by K. Wintinna caught out.

Some resistance was shown by the middle order with K. Henderson, T. Richardson and TJ Warren putting on a few but once the Hawks were into the tail it was game over running out comfortable winners by 55 runs. 

A very pleasant morning apart from a brief delay from light rain but a game played in great spirit and sportsmanship. – Backward Square Leg