Slam poetry, art out of “nothing” at KI’s Boomerbank

This Saturday evening will be a chance to hear some slam poetry and also catch the “Something From Nothing” art exhibition at the Boomerbank Gallery at Pelican Lagoon.

Gallery owner Indiana James has organised Odd Fish Poetry Slam 2 for Saturday night and all are welcome to this fabulous free event.

The art exhibition at his gallery wraps on Sunday and so attending the slam could also be your last chance to see works by artists Francis Dutton, Dave Kovac and Indiana himself.

The artworks made of metal, plastic and pastel have all been created from discarded items, hence “Something from Nothing”.

Indiana says slam poetry is not a joke, this is serious bit of ‘spoken word’ culture, a world-wide thing beginning in Chicago in 1988. 

Each ‘contestant’ will have five minutes maximum to perform one original work of poetry or music on stage at the mic to an audience.  

The order of presentations will be determined via drawings from a hat on the night.  

Three independent judges will be selected from the audience and each will have cards – 1 thru 10 to show after each contestant performs.  

Each contestant‘s final score will be the sum of the three judges’ scores.  

The winner will achieve the fabulous Perpetual Trophy ‘Seal of Approval’, currently defended by Scott McDonald of Pelican Lagoon.  

After the competition, there will be an ‘open mic’ for anyone with original poems or songs to perform or competitors with additional works to present. Contact Indiana on 0408 600 243.

Odd Fish Poetry Slam 2 will feature: Scott MacDonald, winner and defender of the Odd Fish Slam Perpetual Trophy, Slam 1 runner up Sara Hourez, host and poet Indiana James, the one and only Alice Teasdale, singer songwriter Richard Glatz, who got a raw deal last Slam and wants to get it right this time, and for the first time in KI public the young Kemp Sisters.

Odd Fish Poetry Slam is at Boomerbank, 3196 Hog Bay Road, this Saturday, January 12 from 6pm. BYO everything you need.