Helicopter begins lift work at Prospect Hill stairs project

A helicopter has joined the construction crew busy working on the new stairway up Prospect Hill on Kangaroo Island. 

After setting up on site prior to Christmas, building contractors Harrold & Kite have commenced preparation of the site for the new construction and started removing parts of the old staircase.

So far, four test piles have been successfully installed, confirming the engineering calculations used in the design, and the first of three planned helicopter visits took place on January 4.

The helicopter carried out multiple lifts of approximately 200kg per lift, bringing in equipment and materials, and carrying away parts of the old staircase.

“It was challenging but successful,” company director Kim Harrold said.

During the works the contractors have been utilising the old stairs to access the site however they have had do so with caution as the old treads have been breaking under their feet.

Completion of the project is planned for the end of May 2019.

The $1 million project is being funded by the Federal Government with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull making the $750,000 announcement at the site during his visit to open the KI Airport.

The State Government has since pitched in an additional $125,000 with the KI Council funding the balance.