Island Target Archery archers battle the breeze

Sunday dawned very windy and the regular Island Target Archery archers feared their arrows would be flung to the mainland while shooting.

But come early afternoon when the archers were getting ready to shoot, the wind died down dramatically, and although the wind gusts were tricky, it was still an enjoyable shooting day.

At 3pm, 10 excited archers joined in for a training session. This was the second time that most had attended, so they quickly knew what to do.

All archers were shooting at 20 metres initially and on a 1/2 size target face.

They all did incredibly well and there are at least four junior archers that we are looking forward to seeing again when they return to Kangaroo Island.

The group will be joining an archery club on the mainland, so when they return to KI, they will really be able to show us how it's done.

Don't forget, Island Target Archery shoots every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday and any other day by appointment.

The club doesn’t mind if it is only one person who wants to shoot, because that's one more archer that can join in a fun, sometimes challenging sport, which is perfect for all ages.

For further information, please call Iain Christie on 8553 1222