KI disabled residents enjoy lawn bowls thanks to a little help

In recent years, people have enjoyed watching the Paralympic Games on television. 

We could not help but be amazed at the incredible skills of some of these athletes. They can reach incredible standards despite their disabilities.

In recent times people with disabilities have been increasingly encouraged to participate in sporting activities.

Often a committed and concerned person provides some help to make the sporting activity and equipment suitable.

Kangaroo Island has had an example of this.

A group, who provide care for our disabled people, approached the Kingscote Bowling Club to ask whether the club could provide  bowling sessions for disabled people.

The Kingscote Bowling Club accepted the challenge and for the last six years our people with a disability have had good times bowling.

One of the bowlers, Peter Forster, had a special need. He required a chute to aid him to deliver his bowls. 

Through the State and National Bowling organisations information was sought to find out if anyone had developed a suitable chute.

Some people had toyed with the idea but no information was found about an actual device having been constructed

Fortunately, a skillful and dedicated retired engineer came to retire and live on Kangaroo Island. He offered to design and build a chute. And he did this magnificently. 

Regular enjoyable bowling days have followed for at least six years.

Unfortunately, the retired engineer Rob Potter is unable to continue with his direct involvement.

Everyone who was involved with the bowling games where the chute was used met recently to thank Rob.

His fantastic support and help over a long period has made a real difference to one of our disabled residents of KI.

Both the disabled and able-bodied club bowlers have had many happy moments bowling together thanks to his efforts. – Greg Davis