Medals for KI’s Department of Environment firefighters | PHOTOS

Department for Environment and Water firefighters from Kangaroo Island have been recognised for their contribution to emergency management.

Six DEW brigade members from KI in recent weeks have been selected to travel to Tasmania to help firefighters battling extensive bushfires in that State.

The KI medal ceremony took place at the new Department for Environment and Water depot in Kingscote on Wednesday, January 23. 

Four National Medals and clasps were awarded for diligent, long service with the Country Fire Service.

The National Medal is awarded by the Governor General in recognition of 15 years of diligent service for a recognised organisation that protects life and property during times of crisis, with clasps awarded for each additional 10 years.

Along with the National Medal Awards, seven CFS Service Medals and Clasps for 10 or more years of service were also awarded to DEW staff. 

The National Medal is part of the Australian honours system, and has recognised the important work of organisations such as police, ambulance, correctional, Metropolitan Fire Service, Country Fire Service, Surf Life Saving Australia or search and rescue groups since 1975.

As a sign of mutual respect and of the integral working relationship, members of the local CFS were also invited to attend the ceremony.

CFS Deputy Chief Officer Andrew Stark formally presenting the medals and also present for the ceremony was DEW Group Executive Director of Parks and Regions, Grant Pelton. 

CFS National Medals:

  • Anthony Maguire – 35 years
  • Rob Ellis – 25 years
  • Dave Dowie – 25 years
  • Anne McLean – 15 years

CFS Service Medals:

  • Brett Dalzell – 20 years
  • Alison Buck – 20 years
  • Carol Ellis – 15 years
  • Lang Wilmott – 10 years
  • Robyn Molsher – 10 years
  • Heiri Klein – 10 years
  • Greg Church –  10 years

Meanwhile, six KI DEW firefighters have headed down to Tasmania to help battle massive bushfires.

They are Brenton Florance, Lang Wilmott, Anthony Sandeman, Anne McLeane, Paul Jennings and most recently Alison Buck.

The SA DEW firefighters are being deployed for a seven-day period, and the first to go have already returned. 

The Tasmanian fires continue to burn and SA continues to provide support as needed.

No KI CFS firefighters have been called up yet.