KI Gymnastics Club heading to World Gymnaestrada in Austria

Kangaroo Island Gymnastics Club is making some big changes this year and has some big travel plans too.

The club is starting adult gymnastics classes and changing its night for gymnastics classes to Tuesdays with Team Gym staying on Thursdays.

In July, a team from KI will join 12 other teams from across Australia at World Gymnaestrada in Austria.

The class sizes in Team Gym have grown so much that the club has decided to trial holding its Gym For All gymnastics classes on a Tuesday night, so that it can split the large Team Gym group into two levels, held at separate times on Thursdays. 

The club has invested a lot of fundraising efforts to improve its training equipment. And has been lucky enough to secure another grant from the KI Council to spend on more equipment, which makes training easier and safer for the athletes.

KI Gymnastics Club is going to begin Adult Gymnastics classes for the first time in 2019.

Many gymnastics clubs across Australia have seen the need to offer a fun and non-competitive class for adults.

Everyone would like to be a bit fitter than they are and find they cant get motivated to exercise alone - so gymnastics is a perfect way to keep fit in a group setting.

The sessions will mostly be about improving general fitness,flexibility, coordination, balance and core strength and learning skills on the range of equipment used in gymnastics.

Although the club has some terrific young coaches that come along to every session, its large class sizes require more qualified coaches.

So it is seeking interest from community members wanting to become a trained coach and help out in all or some of the classes.

In July this year a team from KI will join 12 other teams from across Australia at the 16th World Gymnaestrada event being held in the Austrian city of Dornbirn. 

There are more than 300 members in the Australian team, aged from 6 to 86.

The KI team has been training and fundraising for the event for 12 months.  It is a team of adult parents and their children, so it will be an amazing experience for all the families involved. 

Kangaroo Island sent a team to the 2015 World Gymnaestrada held in Helsinki, Finland. 

Organised under the auspices of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), the World Gymnaestrada is held every four years and attracts around 20,000 participants of all ages and abilities from more than 50 countries.

The World Gymnaestrada is a non-competitive display event for teams of 10 or more participants.