Swing bridge taking shape at KI Sculpture Trail

What could be the first full-size swing bridge built in South Australia for 100 years is taking shape at the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail.

A team of volunteers and contractors have spent the week installing the massive footings for the bridge that will be strung over the gully in the Penneshaw park.

The swing bridge will connect the newly built trails that wind their way around formerly forgotten and neglected dune country in the heart of Penneshaw.

The park will eventually be home to dozens of sculptures.

Expressions of interest from artists for the next artwork had just closed.

KI Sculpture Trail commitee chairperson Jayne Bates said the swing bridge project had been a huge and complex undertaking so far.

The caravan park side footing was completed on Thursday, February 7. It is hoped the bridge will be complete by April. 

It had taken 35 tonnes of concrete and 1 tonne of reinforcing steel to complete just one of the footings.

The footings required 1000 bags of cement, which were being mixed and poured by a concrete contractor from the mainland, helped by local contractors Scott Wilson, Tony Ingram and David Trethewey.

Mrs Bates paid tribute to the group of local volunteers working tirelessly on the footings, as they did in the construction of the sculpture park trails.

The steel components and cables for the actual bridge were in Adelaide waiting to brought over to the Island, when professional bridge builders would take over.

ARTIST IMPRESSION: An artist's impression of what the KI Sculpture Trail swing bridge will look like.

ARTIST IMPRESSION: An artist's impression of what the KI Sculpture Trail swing bridge will look like.

The 30-metre swing bridge will feature see-through grated flooring.

“You’ll be able to see through it as you walk across, which adds another element,” she said.

The swing bridge was designed by Geoff Warbridge, who owns land in the Dudley District, and overseeing the construction project is Kim Harrold.

Contractors Harrold & Kite meanwhile is building the new stairway up Prospect Hill at Pelican Lagoon, with the helicopter conducting lift work again on Thursday.