KI Gallery renovations now complete

The newly refurbished room at the back of the KI Gallery is about to be officially opened.

It has been a long time coming. Plans were first made over a year ago to replace the shabby lino with new carpet, remove all of the old kitchen fittings left over from its long-gone days as a bakery, fill in the old blocked-off doorway and windows, replace the picture hanging system and give it all a lick of fresh paint.

The work has now been completed and doesn’t it make a difference. It even smells new. 

The room has already been named, but there will be a competition to see if anybody can guess what it is.

You are encouraged to drop your suggestions in to the KI Gallery and they will be read out at the opening.

One offering already received is “Foyle’s Walls” after exhibiting artist Mike Foyle who acted as the driving force in carrying out the renovations along with members of the Lions Club.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be at 5.30pm on Friday, February 22, but everybody is encouraged to come into the KI Gallery in Murray Street anytime to view the classy new room with its wonderful artworks all produced by local artists.