Richard Trethewey, Kathie Stove retire as KI NRM Board wraps up

The KI Natural Resources Management Board is wrapping up as the State Government implements a new system to manage natural resources.

A ceremony was held at the Aurora Ozone Hotel on Friday afternoon to farewell NRM board members Kathie Stove and presiding member Richard Trethewey. 

Two additional members, Peggy Rismiller and Craig Wickham, will end their tenure on the board next month.

The board will continue with just five members until the new Landscapes SA system is introduced. The system is expected to take a few months to work its way through the State Parliament.

The State Government is developing a new Landscape South Australia Bill to replace the existing Natural Resources Management Act. Nine new Landscape Boards will replace existing NRM Boards, with community elected members and ministerial appointments.

Mr Threthewey joined the NRM Board as a regular member 10 years ago, and after 20 months, he was appointed as the presiding member. He did two four-year terms as presiding member. 

Originally a sheep farmer from Parndana, he has now progressed to become a mixed farmer.

"I've lived on KI and on the land all my life and know all the issues being around or operating farms across the Island," Mr Threthewey said. "There's hardly any section of land that I haven't been on or know what the issues are."

He said a highlight of his many years on the board was helping to develop outcomes for an effective water management policy.

"Our water affecting activity policy recognised that because of forestry, we have some of our water catchments that are over prescribed," he said.

He said timber plantations had taken water away from farms and there was an ongoing need to ensure there was fair and equitable allocation of water, particularly for smaller operators.

Another highlight for the outgoing presiding member was lifting the profile of bio-security on the Island and putting steps in place to protect natural resources from invaders.

Board member Kathie Stove meanwhile was stepping down after eight years on the board.

"The best thing has been being on a board made up people with a wide range of views, sometimes diametrically opposed views, but we've always discussed things and remained friends," she said.

She also paid tribute to the Department for Environment and Water staff, both at Natural Resources KI and PIRSA. "The staff are fantastic and are so hard working at times when resources are being cut and they are often understaffed," she said.