'Africa Dreaming' show at Shep's Studio this Easter

Shep's Studio has its new autumn exhibition 'Africa Dreaming" starting Easter Thursday, April 18.

The exhibition at the studio's gallery will feature a range of works by three Kangaroo Island artists each having an emotional connection to the African continent.

Exhibition organisers also hope to raise awareness about and support the Khomani San Identity Project. 

The ‡Khomani San or Bushmen as they call themselves are considered to be the first people on the African continent and the ancestors of all mankind. Read more here

They have suffered ongoing discrimination at the hands of other ethnic groups, treated as vermin and social outcasts, and hunted relentlessly by early European settlers in annual extermination raids.

In 1931 when the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park was proclaimed, these Bushman were uprooted from their home and heartland, though certain rights have been restored to them under South Africa's Land Restitution Act.

Through the Khomani San Identity Project, these people are being encouraged and supported to have a safe place to live, to regain their community, culture and tradition. To take back their own power and dignity again.

About the Artists:

Phillipa Louise Holden - Phillipa Louise Holden's parents moved to South Africa from the UK in the mid 60's and she was born in Johannesburg in 1969. After studying life -sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand, she worked as a freelance environmental consultant for about 17 years and through this work travelled extensively around southern Africa, also working with a number of local indigenous communities. This provided her with plenty of photographic inspiration and opportunity, some of which is on display in 'Africa Dreaming'.

"Africa is old and vast. Her people are humble and long-suffering with an incredible sense of humour and big hearts. Like the rest of our beautiful planet today, much of her wildlife and unique ecosystems are under threat. Landscapes are changing as resources continue to be extracted by multi-national corporations, as populations continue to swell, and as traditional knowledge is lost…"

Jennifer Woodhouse - Jennifer Woodhouse was born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and has always felt fortunate to have spent a happy childhood and many adult years there. Working on this exhibition evoked many fond memories for her.

The unique energy of Africa has never left Jennifer. Inspired by this and the many aspects of African life, Jennifer’s artwork in mixed media or watercolour is a vibrant expression of Africa.

Gloria Holden - Gloria Holden was born in North Yorkshire, UK and studied art in London for a number of years. After teaching in the UK she moved to South Africa in the mid-60’s and started a teaching and commercial pottery studio that she ran successfully for many years.

Gloria lived in Africa for more than 30 years and has a deep love of the land and the animals that inhabit it. Her inspiration for these art works was drawn from the spirit of Africa, its vast beauty and many contrasts, and it is this spirit that is captured in her work.