Two KI girls do the World's Greatest Shave | PHOTOS

Two brave Kangaroo Island girls have done the World's Greatest Shave this year, raising hundreds of dollars in the fight against blood cancers.

Nine-year-old Islander Cassidy Anderson did the shave at the Drakes Kingscote Foodland supermarket on Wednesday, March 13.

Cassidy's fundraising page says she has already raised $507 for the Leukaemia Foundation, but thanks to donations made at the supermarket she has raised a further $1200.

"Lots of people have blood cancer and I want to help them get better," Cassidy said. 

Her proud mother Alicia Warner did the shaving, after which supermarket manager Kirste Mitchell presented her with some gifts.

Fellow KI resident Jason Christie, who works at Drakes supermarket, for his birthday asked for donations for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Then the very next day, it was the turn of 8-year-old Isla Sullivan, who did her shave at KICE during the lunch break.

Supporting her were proud mum Sankara Sullivan, as well as sisters Scarlett, Georgie and Sarah Weatherspoon. Local hairdresser Tarnya Whiting did the shaving.

Isla has raised online donations of $1600 and still going.

She did the shave as she wants to help people live better and longer lives and to try and stop blood cancer affecting so many Australians and their families.

Meanwhile, a big shaving event at American River on Friday evening has raised $6000 and counting.