Massive collective head shave at American River | PHOTOS

Almost $6000 was raised for the fight against cancer when a group of American River residents shaved on Friday night, March 15.

Funds were raised for both the SA Cancer Council and Leukaemia Foundation, with the raffle alone raising $1300.

The group shaving were Heidi and Ron Campbell, Jen and John Stevenson, Mary Lovegrove, Anthea Hinves, Jayden Lovegrove, Tony Klieve, Tristan Curth-Stritzke, Andy Wood, Graham Possingham, Kenny McQueen and Rosemarie Williams. Wendy did the shaving, along with Heidi. 

The next day, fellow River resident Peter Alkemade shaved his head to raise money for the World's Greatest Shave.

Two brave young girls from Kingscote also shaved earlier in the week.  

Instigating the American River shave was Heidi Campbell, whose son Stephen is now studying to become a cancer researcher after surviving his own battle with the dreaded disease.

"I've had quite a few people close to me have cancer, including my son who is in remission, my sister and friend Jen," she said. "We need more research and to find some kind of cure."

Fellow shaver Jen Stevenson is currently in her own battle with lung cancer.

"Awesome is the word that keeps coming to mind when I look back on Friday night's "shave for cancer night" held at the Shed in American River," she said.

"A very big thank-you to The Shed and all the team of volunteers who worked their butts off providing meals for over 150 people and supplying the venue for the shave.

"Hair dresser extraordinaire Wendy travelled all the way from Kingscote to do the dastardly deed on 13 brave heads, who all survived unscathed.

"As we all know, nights like this can not be a success without the kind donations from sponsors on and off the Island."

She thanked  Ingrams, Mitre 10, Mecure Lodge, Seaside Beauty, Ozone Hotel, Penneshaw Hotel, Queenscliff Hotel, Wanderers Rest, Turners Fuel, Bella, Dean & Judy Johnson, Rebekha Sharkie, Anthea for her honey baskets, Rod Cowin (Gumbark artist) J & J Stevenson (Gregg/Billie) Gasworks Modbury (C/R Stevenson) and the Shed.

"Awesome is the word  for such a small community to be behind and help raise such an incredible amount of money, well done American River you have shown others just how strong and special our community is," she said.