Koala takes a break under Emu Bay jetty

Residents and visitors were surprised to see a koala under the Emu Bay jetty on the afternoon of Monday, March 18.

This is the second time that a koala was made it's way onto a jetty, with a similar situation on the Kingscote in December.

Koala sightings have indeed become a regular occurrence in Kangaroo Island townships.

Rangers from the Department for Environment and Water were notified of Monday's sighting and monitored the koala periodically through the day.

The koala eventually removed itself from the jetty and headed inland where some locals and boat ramp workers helped it into a tree.

Rangers generally do not move koalas unless there's a danger to them or others.

Local Ro Anna Horbelt said she hoped the rangers left the koala at Emu Bay, as that was its territory.

"Put her somewhere else and she will fret even more, and may possibly not survive," she posted on The Islander page.

There are so many koalas on Kangaroo Island that they are now a regular sight within the Island's urban centres.

A koala was rescued from the Kingscote town jetty by a couple of concerned locals on a particularly hot day on December 27, with a social media post of the rescued koala very popular.

The Department meanwhile announced earlier this year that approximately 400 female koalas will receive hormone implants in priority areas, where koala densities are high, to protect native vegetation.

The latest census estimated there were about 24,000 koalas in native vegetation, and another 26,000 koalas in the Island's commercial blue gum plantations.

Koalas were introduced to Kangaroo Island in the 1920s when 18 animals from Victoria were released in Flinders Chase National Park.

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