Long weekend loves | Trending

Long weekend loves | Trending

If you're in the midst of a four-day Easter long weekend, slow down, get comfy, and relax with your nearest and dearest.

Aurora knit jacket, $299. This would be a dream to wear if it's chilly where you live, like throwing on a blanket. elkacollective.com

Velvet eye mask, $20. Perfect for sleeping or meditation. tonic.net.au

Right angle socks, $5.95 or three pairs for $15. Socks on, kettle on, Netflix on - it's the dream weekend for many. muji.com/au

Ultra stretch jeans, $59.90. The key here is the stretch - comfy enough that you can wear them around the house, but still look presentable if you need to duck out quicky. uniqlo.com/au

Mad Millie 15-minute sourdough kit, $39.95. Baking can be extremely therapeutic, while bread can act as a delicious distraction from all that chocolate. biome.com.au

Comfy Livin' cami, $26.95. A cute top that can be worn alone or layered with slouchy pieces. bonds.com.au

Donkey Bike bag, $89.95. If the idea of kicking around the house all weekend makes you twitch, why not pack a simple picnic, attach it to your bike, grab a friend and find a quiet spot to graze. mrgift.com.au

Lorna Jane London hooded coat, $299.99. A fabulous transeasonal piece that can be worn with anything from jeans to a tracksuit. amazon.com.au

Wool stole, $49.95. There are so many versatile ways a stole can be worn - find yours and wear it all weekend. muji.com/au

Classic pick up sticks, $8. There are a load of classic family games out there that kids haven't played before - also hunt down Trouble, Yahtzee, and Jenga. gyrofish.com.au

A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult, $32.99. Buy or borrow a book from an author you love and escape for the afternoon, or perhaps the entire day. allenandunwin.com

Merrell women's hiking shoes, $209.95. Feeling adventurous? These shoes have a grippy outsole to keep you grounded on the go. anacondastores.com