Letters to The Islander | April 11

VOLUNTEER WORKERS: Kate Williams, Kate Clements, John Clements, Cherie Tyley, and Beth Davis relax with a coffee at Roger's Deli after tidying up Dauncey Street.
VOLUNTEER WORKERS: Kate Williams, Kate Clements, John Clements, Cherie Tyley, and Beth Davis relax with a coffee at Roger's Deli after tidying up Dauncey Street.

A big shout out

A shout out to all the volunteers on the Island and while there are so many wonderful groups, doing magnificent work, I would just like to make mention of a small band of people who have been doing a great job and who rarely get their efforts acknowledged. On the first Tuesday of every month, a stoic group of volunteers have toiled in Dauncey Street collecting rubbish, weeding, pruning and hedge clipping. Advance Kingscote Progress Association and our council have been actively involved in this community service, my wife Kate and myself have been volunteering in this for about four years, but volunteers Cherie Tyley and Kate Williams having been doing the Dauncey Street clean-up for 20 years! I personally would like to say thank you, job well done and keep it up, and a thank you to Roger's Deli for a complimentary coffee when we knock off!

John Clements, Advance Kingscote Progress Association vice chairman

Mayo is marginal

I attended a wonderful afternoon at The Shed last Sunday to hear our Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman and Georgina Downer, Liberal candidate for Mayo, share the good news for SA . It was positive and inspirational. Georgina advised what the Morrison government is doing to build our economy, to create jobs and security for our future. She also answered questions from the floor. I am continually impressed with this intelligent woman's energy, enthusiasm and vision for our rural community.

Last month I attended a talk by Rebekha Sharkie, hearing issues she is interested in pursuing, with little yet delivered. Alarmingly she downplayed the importance of mining royalties to Australia's economy and spruiked issues more aligned with the far left Greens and ALP. As someone who worked to help elect her in 2016, I have been very disappointed in her parliamentary performance, now fearing the only thing she may deliver if re-elected is a Shorten government in coalition with the Greens - a doomsday scenario for the Australian economy. Labor will have to shut down a big part of the electricity sector, transport sector, agriculture and manufacturing in order to achieve an ambitious 45 per cent renewable energy target. Power prices will rise, jobs will be lost, wages will fall and our economy will shrink. Oh, and will all of us on KI seriously have to give up the safety of our four wheel drives and utes for electric cars!

Mayo is now marginal. For me the independent candidate experiment is well and truly over. I want a strong voice in government to help our rural community face the challenges ahead, one who delivers, not one on the cross benches. We must take no chances this election and vote for Georgina Downer.

And last but not least, a special thank you to the staff at the shed for the great spread they put on for our Sunday luncheon. As we all rolled out the door with full bellies, I doubt many of us needed dinner that night.

Lisa Crago, Pelican Lagoon

No social license

I respect the right of Australian Walking Company (AWC) to choose to take young people, deaf people, blind people, people who are scared of snakes and even excessively wealthy people with no social conscience on guided walks along trails which able-bodied people currently access. But, I do not accept that AWC has the right to choose or nominate (perhaps demand?) sites for overnight villages outside the approved Minor Development Zone for private profit. It is unconscionable that AWC is asking for private trails and vehicle tracks, exclusive access to the public heritage-listed Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse cottages, and to lease private access only acreage within a National Park to put private accommodation buildings on fragile public coastal headlands. In my opinion, AWC does not a social license to break the conservation laws of SA to give its clients an exclusive experience, which diminishes the rights of the general public to views and access to areas.

Ann Prescott OAM, Adelaide

Front your critics

The article in Advertiser, March 30: "Weekend Magazine" regarding the development in Flinders Chase National Park raises as many questions as it answers.

The Australian Walking Company intention as stated by Heath Garrett was " we wanted to be away from the parks site and for mutual interest we wanted to be away from the Wilderness Trail as well," The Department of Environment and Water needs to explain to the public why this company was chosen when the Expression of Interest stated that the development was supposed to be next to the trail?

Secondly, Minister Speirs states "the Government and the Department will learn from the Kangaroo Island experience to work more closely with the community including Friends groups". The issue here is the Department did consult with the community and Friends groups when the plan was to have the development alongside the Wilderness Trail, but chose to blind side the community and Friends groups when the amendments were being considered. So why not start now with this issue? Consult with the community,answer your correspondence, meet with the community now Minister.

Thirdly, the Minister says he is confident that "The Government is confident that everything that has been worked through thus far has followed the correct process and where we have landed is at a place that is legally sound". This comes from a Minister who has not responded to any correspondence re this issue, or engaged in any discussions with the concerned parties. A Minister for the Environment who is more concerned for the legality of their proposal than the environmental impact of development in pristine wilderness.

Front your critics Minister Speirs, have the courage to come to Kangaroo Island and stand in front of public meetings to answer the above questions.

Bob Huxtable, Eco Action Kangaroo Island

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