Horoscopes: week beginning April 28

Horoscopes: week beginning April 28

ARIES: You will feel and look good in the weeks to May 15, attracting people and money to you. Relationships should run a smoother course during this time and romance will caress your soul. You'll also find it easier to both make and spend money, and you'll enjoy doing so. May 9, 10, 13-15 provide the most delightful episodes.

TAURUS: Taureans should be able to find some peace of mind over personal issues in the twenty-four days from February 4. You'll also derive a great deal of pleasure from assisting others. Taureans will enjoy an accumulation of moments they gather to themselves until May 15, with highlights on May 7-10, 13-15: use this time to reflect on better ways of doing things.

GEMINI: Whilst there will be a greater accent on the more pleasurable aspects of life in the next twenty-four days, you will also appreciate time alone. This is an especially good time for developing personal talents, defining personal ambitions, pursuing goals and spending time with friends. Group social occasions are particularly fulfilling. Best days are May 9, 10, 13-15.

CANCER: Your ambitions will be given a new lease of life until May 15, enabling you to take enormous strides forward and make your mark on the world. Friends and associates are assets during this time, providing guidance and support as you reach for your dreams. Career-wise, your pathway is strewn with opportunity, especially on May 9, 10, 13-15.

LEO: For leonine types, success in studies, legal matters, and travel, through to advertising or foreign affairs is more likely in the twenty-four days until May 15. This time period is generally characterised by peaceful and harmonious communications. You can accelerate your potential for success on May 9, 10, 13-15, with difficulties on May 7-10.

VIRGO: Virgoan individuals are more likely to have access to extra funds until May 15, easing the pressures of life and making it a great time to apply for loans or deal with authorities on money matters. Opinions over rather contentious issues may need to be examined at times. However, May 9, 10, 13-15 produce good results and May 7-10 difficulties.

LIBRA: During in the next twenty-four days you can look forward to a closer and more fulfilling relationship if you are married or involved in a business partnership, especially on May 9, 10, 13-15. However, because emotions are intense your perspective could be blinded by passion, giving rise to difficult moments. Business partnerships are likely to thrive then.

SCORPIO: More pleasant conditions on the work scene make your life a little easier in the twenty-four days to May 15, especially on May 9, 10, 13-15. You will also be able to resolve any difficulties with relative ease. It would be nice if this success extended to your personal life but you are more likely to be feeling a little disgruntled, especially on May 7-10.

SAGITTARIUS: Your social life, time spent with children or a loved one will bring you increased pleasure in the twenty-four days to May 15, especially on May 9, 10, 13-15. Work brings more pleasure than usual. However, for Sag types, this time period often also brings added burdens. May 9, 10 bring mixed influences.

CAPRICORN: The twenty-four days from February 4 will be a wonderful time for bringing a touch of beauty into your home. More enjoyable times will be shared with family members then, whether you are simply sharing a meal around a table or entertaining visitors. Family matters are highlighted on May 7-10, 13-15.

AQUARIUS: Your words and ideas will reflect an inner peace during the coming twenty-four days, especially on May 7-10, 13-15. This is also a time when you'll greatly enjoy learning and socialising with neighbours. Many of you will be welcoming family members from a distance or travelling to visit them yourself. May 7-10 can bring problems.

PISCES: The flow of money should be more than reasonable in the coming twenty-four days, making it easier for you to balance the budget. Business matters should flourish then. Temptations will also be placed in your path to spend, and spend you will. All financial matters are highlighted, with May 9, 10, 13-15 bringing out the best.

  • Alison Moroney, 2019 | astrologer@alisonmoroney.com | www.alisonmoroney.com