'Washed Up, Brushed Up' exhibition launched at KI Gallery

KI Art Society's latest exhibition "Washed Up, Brushed Up - The Art of Recycling" opened at the KI Gallery on Friday night, April 12.

Luckily it was a warm night so a table was set up outside to cater for the huge crowd spilling out onto the street.

It's certainly an interesting exhibition with a broad range of approaches, interpretations, and even an entrant age range spanning many decades.

Heidi Groffen from Land For Wildlife Kangaroo Island gave a short and powerful speech about the need to recognise what we use and how we use it.

She then briefly explained, in her role as judge, her decisions: Peter Hastwell's interactive entry "Habitat Lost" won first prize as it sent a clear message that environmental threats are real and we need to plant more trees to protect wildlife.

New KIAS member Gabrielle Jones won second prize with her "Leap of Faith", a whale sculpture made from reused straws.

"Private Puppet" by Denise Harding won third prize because it was 'entertaining with a confronting message about balloons in our waterways and ocean'.

Darcy and Thomas Roberts model, an example of their Tailem Town, reported last week in The Islander drew much attention.  These artistic and industrious artists won the Encouragement Award.

The exhibition continues everyday 10am to 5pm until Friday, May 3. Make sure you remember to vote for your People's Choice!