KI hosts 2019 Autumn Bowls Carnival | PHOTOS

The 2019 Kangaroo Island Autumn Bowls Carnival saw more than 80 players, many from the mainland, play on the Island's four greens between April 13 and April 17.

First Round

The Kingscote club rooms were a very festive venue on Friday night, April 12, as men and women bowlers from around the State, converged to renew old friendships and evaluate new rivals, share a favourite bowls memory from the past and have a meal together cooked by Birchmore Bowling Club.

The following morning at 9.30am these same players would take their positions on one of Kangaroo Island's four greens to test their skills and endurance, for the day.

Three games were to be played, punctuated by lunch and afternoon tea.

The weather was overcast and threatening further showers after overnight moisture called "rain", which made the going a bit tougher on the two grass greens.

After a friendly "cuppa" and fortified with hot cross buns, the players armed themselves with wet weather gear and commenced the Ladies Pairs and Men's Fours.

The sun was mostly hidden by clouds, but as the day wore on the sun did shine through, which dried the surface, as did the light breeze.

Popular couple Joan and Darryl Hammat - exported to the mainland recently to infiltrate other clubs on the "big north island" - returned to tell us all the information they had gleaned.

Sunday was a perfect autumn day for the Ladies Fours and Men's Pairs. Three games once again, with point for wins, losses and draws deciding the winners from all four greens

Dinner was provided by the Kingscote Club for 80 players and supporters, with the following prize-winners being announced: Men's Fours 1st: R. Barrett, D. Hateley, J. Berden & T. Bell. 2nd: J. Williams, I. Brown, P. Faull & D. Hammat. 3rd: S. Neal, M. Sicilliano, C. McConnell, D.Benney. Womens Pairs: 1st: K. Scharkie, A. Dunstan. 2nd: S. Grund, G. Steinwedel. Men's Pairs: 1st: G. Grund, S. Redding. 2nd: R. Barrett, P. McLean. 3rd: J. Hollis, C. Ellersham. Ladies Fours: 1st: H. Taylor, N. May, H. Anderson, V. Sellars. 2nd: M. Distel Feddersen, D. Ferns, B. Cowles, A. Ellis.

Second Round

In the second round of events, Monday was a day off for all to head off for a spot of touring or tasting our local KI products.

A bit of retail therapy for the ladies, and a few moments for the men to drop into a winery or brewery - just relaxing on a bright autumn day.

Tuesday and everyone was back onto the three rinks at Birchmore and Kingscote, for the Mixed Pairs events.

A popular event for men and women to pair up and work in unison to outplay and outsmart their opposition.

Each pair has to complete three games, which tests endurance and stamina, and good wins give an edge to those who want to be in the "winners' circle".

Lunch and afternoon tea was served between games.

The eventual winners for the day were: 1st Jill & Jeff Bagshaw on 84, 2nd Steve & Judy Bell on 83 & 3rd Paul Noble & Kerri Scharkie on 82.

No rest for the "wicked" at this point as Wednesday heralded the Mixed Medley Any Combination Final game for the Carnival.

The four games (2 X 2 Pairs and 2 X 4 Fours) were at Birchmore and Kingscote due to numbers, and the weather could not have been any better - sunny with a light breeze.

Lots of action and good humour on the greens, and the girls in the kitchen were raising a sweat making sandwiches for the hungry hordes at lunchtime and afternoon tea.

The place getters were awarded their prizes at the final wind-up Dinner and were: 1st J. Diestel-Fedderson, D. Ferris, B. Cowles & R. Ellis. 2nd: I & V. Sellars & E & V Seacombe.

Parndana was in charge of the delicious meal, which was enjoyed by a great crowd of approximately 100 people.

Bernie provided the great singing and playing that we all enjoy to round off a great carnival, this year bolstered by some local singing groups and individuals, who couldn't wait to "hit the stage".

Let's do it all again next year!