2019 American River fishing competition winners | PHOTOS

The annual Easter fishing competition at American River was another big success with plenty of fish caught despite the challenging weather conditions.

The event at The Shed is organised each year by the American River Community & Sports Association.

The weekend was not without some drama with two boats breaking down in the American River lagoon area, both not involved in the competition. Competition organisers assisted and both vessels were recovered without incident.

The campground at American River was also packed with visitors, as was the rest of Kangaroo Island.

Participants are confined to American River waters only, inside the line from Point Morrison to Kangaroo Head.

The annual Brenton Pease Junior Encouragement Award this year went to Maddy Connell.

The award is in memory of Brenton Pease, an avid fisherman and competition entrant who loved to encourage and mentor juniors in the art of fishing.

The Shed would like to thank all those who donate their time to the event and thanks also to this year's sponsors: The Islander, Ingrams Home Hardware, Mercure Lodge and Chocolart & Coffee.

The results are as follows:

Junior shore based

  • Whiting - Rory Baker (250g)
  • Salmon - Rory Baker (585g)
  • Trevally - Jade Jamieson (270g)
  • Leatherjacket - RJ Sandilands (410g)
  • Crab - Rory Baker (380g)
  • Stripey - Kiara Connell (265g)

Junior boat

  • Whiting - Blake Florance (445g)
  • Salmon - Cain Florance (540g)
  • Tommy rough - Clain Florance (135g)
  • Sweep - Cain Florance (540g)
  • Trevally - Charlie Baker (468g)
  • Rock cod - Will Turner (820g)
  • Leatherjacket - Cain Florance (845g)
  • Crab - Hugo Bower (400g)
  • Squid - Chase Buick (675g)
  • Red Mullet - Amber Connell (195g)

Senior shore based

  • Whiting - Ben Pike (330g)
  • Salmon - Bailey Bruce (1.31kg)
  • Flathead - Ben Pike (150g)
  • Tommy rough - Lyn Jamieson (95g)
  • Trevally - Sarah Pike (255g)
  • Leatherjacket - Ben Pike (640g)
  • Stripey - Ben Pike (530g)

Senior boat

  • Whiting - Tristan Turner (440g)
  • Salmon - Dan Florance (1.55kg)
  • Snook - Dennis Jamieson (485g)
  • Flathead - Brett O'Brien (410g)
  • Garfish - Dennis Jamieson (70g)
  • Tommy rough - Dennis Jamieson (175g)
  • Sweep - Shane Connell (750g)
  • Trevally - Tristan Turner (415g)
  • Rock cod - Shane Connell (685g)
  • Leatherjacket - Dan Florance (850g)
  • Crab - Tristan Turner (425g)
  • Squid - Sarah Bower (445g)
  • Red mullet - Tyler Asplin (235g)

Junior cash prizes

  • Mystery fish $50 - Amber Connell
  • Shore based heaviest $50 - Rory Baker
  • Boat heaviest $50 - Cain Florance

Senior cash prizes

  • Mystery fish $250 - Tyler Asplin
  • Shore based heaviest $250 - Bailey Bruce
  • Boat heaviest $250 - Dan Florance

Easter raffle prize - Andrew Sincock