Island Target Archery hosts Easter novelty shoot

Grand final prize of a giant teddy bear.

Grand final prize of a giant teddy bear.

After a week of preparations getting ready for the Easter novelty shoot, Island Target Archery arrived at the club grounds at Haines, super early.

Final finish of the targets and the decorating of the "Pin the Tail on the Bunny" target and we were ready.

Fifteen new archers arrived for the two-hour shoot and after some training were set onto the target.

The most popular target was the balloon shoot, each popped balloon won a prize, the most challenging was the envelope shoot, maybe next time we will make the envelopes larger. The pinatas proved difficult to break...maybe my helpers used too much glue!

The final shoot for the day was a wand shoot. Archers shot aimed towards a very narrow target in the distance to win the grand final prize of a giant teddy bear.