Horoscopes: week beginning May 5

Horoscopes: week beginning May 5

ARIES: The New Moon in your financial sector on Sunday indicates an annual event heralding new growth. This is a good time to apply for a job or pay rise. Until May 21 Arian natives will be preoccupied with financial planning, work activities and daily schedules. May 8, 9, 15-19, 21 activate these trends.

TAURUS: You should use the prevailing lunar energies to assess your current position in life and determine how best to improve it. Changes around living conditions could emerge. Over the two-plus weeks between May 7 and May 21 Taurean individuals will be busier attending to personal plans, money matters, children's activities or recreational pursuits.

GEMINI: There is potential for the resurgence of unresolved issues and problems during the coming month. Tune into what is going on and be prepared to deal with issues as they arise. Gemini's mind will be directed to the attention of extremely private matters until May 21; there may be concerns over domestic arrangements or health issues.

CANCER: This is a time of year when you should reassess your goals, decide which ones to keep and set time limits for new ones. Income potential is high now, even if it is just from a sideline activity. Cancerians will be socially inclined until May 21, with more than the usual round of invitations flowing their way. May 15-19, 21 produce positive interaction.

LEO: Your ambition to get ahead in life will experience a resurgence of energy under Sunday's New Moon. Be bold but sensible. Many of you will experience potentially beneficial career changes. Until May 21 business matters and financial planning will be high on your list of priorities. Travel in connection with work is possible; ambitions are more easily achieved.

VIRGO: In association with the New Moon on May 5, you should be exposed to new ideas and concepts that allow you to add to your fund of knowledge. Your mind is increasingly stimulated by regular personal affairs and business during the two-plus weeks from May 7. Use this time to broaden your perception of life.

LIBRA: Sunday's New Moon indicates the need to reorganise and revise your financial strategies, in accordance with seasonal developments. Growth potential is high over the next two weeks. Finances, specifically loans, insurance and taxation issues, require your attention in a detailed way over the two-plus weeks from May 7, especially during May 8, 9, 15-19, 21.

SCORPIO: The fervour of love will cause you to look at your partner in a new light, following the New Moon on Sunday. Whatever transpires in the ensuing two weeks is likely to gain a strong hold. Intimate relationships, friendships and business partnerships will be the focus of your attention until May 21, with many discussions revolving around common interests.

SAGITTARIUS: Sunday's New Moon will encourage growth and change in your work. Look to new ways of harnessing the energy and applying it constructively and creatively. You will be more conscious of your work patterns, responsibilities and interaction with those in your working sphere during the two-plus weeks from May 7.

CAPRICORN: The richness of life will be experienced through children and love, following the New Moon on May 5. If fertility is of interest to you, then this cycle promotes it. Recreational activities will be one of many themes in your life until May 21, with many Capricorn individuals likely to become more involved with work mates in socially orientated activities.

AQUARIUS: The domestic scene requires some attention at the moment, as there are new conditions coming into operation in association with the New Moon on May 5. You will become more engrossed in domestic routine and or daily management of children until May 21. This can be quite an enjoyable time when shared with family members.

PISCES: Your daily life could do with a touch of improvement: and the two weeks from May 5 is the time to start doing something about it. Plans implemented then hold great potential. Life moves at a hectic pace until May 21, when you will be busied by letters, phone calls and trips. Make sure you are organised, to avoid falling behind in your usual schedules.

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