2019 netball season starts on Kangaroo Island | PHOTOS

The 2019 season kicked off for Kangaroo Island Netball Association on Saturday, May 4 with matches at Parndana and Dudley.

Parndana hosts Kingscote

A Grade: Strong start to the first quarter and season by both teams. First quarter was a battle of the defence; Marina Gregor & Janine Wandel (P), and Jas Florance and Caitlin Berry (K).

Goalers in both teams having to work hard. Accurate shooting by Sarah Weatherspoon, and Kelly Roads (K) and Phillipa Kelly and Kate Hacker (P) kept the game close going goal for goal.

Parndana making the most of any turn arounds in defense up by a couple of goals at half times.

Turnovers in the midcourt by (P) and a change of defense by Kingscote enabled Parndana move ahead. Parndana kept up the momentum in the last quarter going up to wing by 16.

B Grade: The game began goal for goal as both teams settled. Spectacular shooting by Nychia under strong pressure by Stacee. The second quarter Parndana began to settle with a few turnovers happening down the court.

Third quarter saw Kingscote goalies Nychia and Kristyn shooting well and strong defense by Bethany and Samara in the goal circle.

Final quarter saw Rhana settling into goals and Parndana coming out on top with a win. A great first game by both sides.

C Grade: First game for 2019 season both teams started well. Kingscote led for the whole game by a small margin with Parndana fighting back hard to keep the score reasonably even.

Great shooting by Carly Johnston and defense by Sarah Turner kept Kingscote ahead. Parndana's new look team enjoyed their first game.

15&U: Parndana started out strongly with accurate shooting by Iiesha Kuchel (P) and tight defense by Shakira Tremaine and Scarlett Trethewey.

Both teams made positional changes at quarter time. Scarlett Johnston moved into Goals for Kingscote and provided accuracy and height. Jade Jamieson (K) worked hard in her defensive role as well.

All girls seemed to tire towards the end of the game and the scoring seesawed in the last quarter with Parndana getting out to an 8 goal lead before Kingscote got back to within 2. Parndana''s accuracy in goals and extra defence pressure kept them in front to win by 4.

13&U: Great weather to be playing netball. Both teams playing fast netball. Grace for Wisanger playing well in defense. Parndana defense making it hard for Wisanger shooters.

Second quarter both teams settled with good even play. Parndana with a few position changes in the last quarter settled to end up winning. Great game to watch. Well done to both teams.

11&U: First quarter Kailey was shooting beautifully to give Parndana a good lead. Excellent defense by Amelia (K) and Charlotte (P), all the girls from both teams had a rally good and enjoyable game.

Well done to Mia, Aimee, Kasey, Cassidy, Ariah, Amelia, Izzy and Imogen from Kingscote. Great job to Ava, Kailey , Grace Jessie, Rianna, Bella, Charlotte and Lily from Parndana. Parndana were too strong in the end but Kingscote fought hard till the very last whistle.

9&U: Great weather for playing netball. Both teams enthusiastic for the first game of netball. It's amazing what a year can do to improve skill levels. Well done to all the players coaches and umpires. Great first game. - Kim Berlin

Dudley hosts Western Districts

A Grade: WD 58 def DU 52 - WD started strongly on DU new court service, with Lauren Downing (WD) defending well. DU fought back with excellent shooting by Emma Coppins (DU) to lead by 2 at quarter time. Injuries to WD Tori Newman (WD) and Jodie Walsh (WD) brought Emma Gaskin (WD) into WA who fed the goalies accurately WD only down by 1 at half time.

Kristy Tannebring (DU) making some great turn overs in the third quarter but Wonks up by 2 at 3/4 time. DU fought back in the last quarter with Stacey Dezen (DU) getting a few turnovers but DU unable to capitalize and Wonks came away with the win 58-52. Great first game and congratulations to Shontae Jones and Stacey Dezen on their 200th senior games for DU.

C Grade: WD 38 def DU 26 - All players played a hard, well fought match on Dudley United's new courts. WD came out strong in the first quarter, then the girls all settled for the remainder of the game.

Ella Buick shooting well and long for WD. Sariah defending strong for DU, unfortunately going down in the final quarter with injury. WD finished well, showing more experience as the game went on.

D Grade: W 44 def WD 28 - The game started off messy on both sides with their only being one goal in it. Both teams fought hard throughout the game, but Wisanger managed to pull away in the third quarter.

WD kept fighting till the end but Wisanger managed to keep their lead to the last whistle. A massive shout out to all the juniors which filled in for both sides, they taught the older ones a thing or two!

15&U: WD 44 def DU 29 - WD starting off strong with the first 3 goals DU fighting hard, but WD goalies too accurate. A change to DU's defence put a lot more pressure in the ring.

WD still hardly missing. Lots of mid court pressure from both teams another change to DU saw a more consistent play throughout the court. Great game WD. - Tash Boxer