KI netballers pay tribute to Di Johnson | PHOTOS

Saturday took on special significance as both the Kangaroo Island netballers and footballers paid tribute to Wisanger Netball Club life member Di Johnson, who passed away this month.

A minute's silence was observed before the netball games by all in attendance.

Life members Helen Turner, Christine Sampson, Maggie Patterson and Dianne Boxer gathered before the A Grade match to hear Wisanger Netball Club president Renae Florance read out a tribute.

Renae read out a brief list of Di Johnson's many achievements throughout the years, including playing her 450th game in May 2014, which is probably an all-time club and Kangaroo Island Netball Association record.

It was also fitting that Panther Park and the players were decked out in pink for Cancer Day. The Senior footy boys all donned pink socks and the coaches pink shirts.

Wisanger reports

A Grade - Wisanger vs Dudley: First quarter Dudley Started out strong with not missing very many goals. Dudley way at quarter time. Second quarter saw Wisanger defending beautiful with Jasmin Smart and Oliver in the goal circle and Bek Bott WD marking it hard for Dudley in the attack. Wisanger had great defensive all the way down the court being able to peg back a few goal this quarter. Three quarter was neck and neck. Very quick game up and down the court with Dudley winning the quarter but Wisanger holding the lead by one. Last quarter both team fighting to the end with Wisanger coming out on top winning by two - 40-38.

B Grade - Wisanger vs Kingscote: Wisanger got the upper hand in the first quarter due to Mel and Bridie keeping the Kingscote goalies away from the ball. Second quarter more equal play Kristen (K) and Emma (W) shooting nicely for their teams. Third quarter tiredness hit with both teams making silly mistakes. The last quarter was fairly event and Wisanger came away with the win.

C Grade - Kingscote vs Dudley: Overcast day but not too windy. Kingscote started strong, accurate shooting from Carlie and Deanna in goals. Quite strong mid court with some good intercepts from Catherine, Jesamine and Nataskia. Kingscote still strond second quarter with some good work from Iris and Cally. Third quarter Carlie for Kingscote came off and it took a while to settle again. Last quarter was even. Kingscote too strong.

Western Districts reports

A Grade: Western Districts started strong with tough defence from both teams, making shooters work for all balls. Western Districts up by 1 at quarter time. Tough fighting by all in the second quarter and some steady shooting from both teams. Western Districts had a 2 goal lead at half-time. Both teams made a few positional changes at half-time; which took a while for teams to settle with. Same great defence from Parndana in the goal circle. The last Quarter Parndana shooting well and strong defence all down the court with them taking it by 1 in the final moments. FINAL SCORE: P 41 - WD 40

B Grade: Parndana jumped out of the blocks in the B Grade game with 9-1 goals. With Rhana and Bridget shooting well. Western Districts took a little while to settle, but once they got into a rhythm goals started to fall. Very tight competition through the mid court with Kelly, Kirri and Alicia working hard. Western Districts had a great 3rd quarter. Jade Willmott shooting well and Carmen dominating. The fourth quarter was going to be won by whoever concentrated the most. Saints came back to even the scores but eventually Parndana won by two. Great game by all. Ava and Rhana played particularly well for Parndana and Carem, Maree and Kirri for Western Districts. FINAL SCORE: P 34 - WD 32

C Grade: With cool conditions both teams took a while to build momentum. Western Districts had a strong start keeping a short lead on Parndana.

WD went down in the second half with Parndana's Eliza Havelburg (GS) shooting strong. Western District's Alana Nolan (GD) took some lovely intercepts in the last quarter. A great game had by all, with the final score showing Parndana was the strongest team of the day, winning 36 to Western Districts 21. FINAL SCORE: P 36 - WD 21

D Grade: The D Grade was a slow first quarter with Western Districts getting a small lead. Drizzly conditions throuhout the 2nd quarter saw lots of intercepts and turn overs. Some great intercepts by Sabrina Davis (WD) through the mid court. The quarter finished strong for Western Districts, going into half time with a good lead. Parndana rallied throughout the last quarter to hold their ground for the last quarter. Olivia Baker (P) in defence was reading the play well and intercepting balls. FINAL SCORE: WD 39 - P 15

15 & Under: The first quarter of the 15's game started off strong. Tight defence with lots of turnover's causing low scoring. At the first break, WD 7 to P 4. In the second quarter Western Districts were on the ball with some quick goals. Parndana was moving the ball well with Iiesha Kuchel moving and shooting well for Parndana. Western Districts Raemi Morris creating strong play and shooting well for Western Districts. Tight contest down the court; Parndana fought hard all game but Western Districts a little too strong overall, coming home with the win. Great team effort's. Alway's a good contest between these two teams. FINAL SCORE: WD 49 - P 27

13 & Under: Western Districts started strong with Grace and Molly defending well. Mid court pressure for the Saints created many turnovers for the forward combination of Sophie and Raemi. Kaleesha provided plenty of mid court pressure and had a great battle with Amahli. Saints continued drive into the circle created many goal opportunites. Strong win to Western Districts to start the year. FINAL SCORE: WD 33 - P 7

11 & Under: The midday game was cold and overcast for the 11 & under's. Strong start in the first quarter by Western Districts despite good defence by Parndana girls. An excellent tussle with Western Districts scoring the goals, but good defence by both sides. Drizzle in the third quarter made for a slippery ball and low scoring. Parndana narrowed the margin and the final score did not reflect the competative lay by both teams. Great game girls! FINAL SCORE: WD 17 - P 3

9 & Under: This game for the 9 & under's at Western Districts was the first for their season. There were three WD players playing for the first time. All girls played great, listening to the umpires instructions. Parndana defended well making it hard for the Western Districts team to get a goal.