Islander editorial - Council on Smith Bay, time to cast your vote

Sorry there was no live streaming Tuesday's KI Council meeting on The Islander Facebook page. Issues have arisen as to whether our coverage meets the Records Management Act.

The council will review its policy and hopefully we can resume the service for which we have received a lot of positive feedback. Mayor Michael Pengilly said he personally liked the transparency and convenience the live video service provided.

It would have been great to have the live streaming in place on Tuesday so everyone could have heard all the councillors strong views about placing Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers' proposed timber exporting port at Smith Bay. KIPT and Yumbah staff listened intently the gallery.

Councillors spoke with considerable passion about the project and supported clr Graham Walkom's four motions opposing the project at Smith Bay. Clr Walkom said KIPT's proposal truly was a "game changer" and its impacts on the Island's amenity, environment and existing business could not be underestimated. This is something we have previously stated right here in this editorial.

Councillors also wanted to strengthen the language in the draft 6-page submission prepared by council staff, written taking into account the KI Development Plan. They also spoke about formulating a separate more strongly worded EIS submission specifically from elected officials. All will be decided at a special meeting later this month and before the all-important EIS deadline of May 28.

The reality is however that ultimately the power lies in the hands of State Planning Minister Stephan Knoll and the SA Government, although one would hope he takes into account the feelings, pro and con, on the Island.

Finally, just in case you have not yet voted and still don't know who the candidates are running in Mayo, here are the six candidates: incumbent Rebekha Sharkie for the Centre Alliance, Georgina Downer for the Liberal Party, Saskia Gerhardy for the Labor Party, Anne Bourne for the Greens, Helen Dowland for the Animal Justice Party and Michael Cane for the United Australia Party. You can read more about them on our website.

It was great to see the pre-polling facility open on Kangaroo Island on Tuesday for the first time ever. You can vote at the Kingscote town hall this week and then Saturday, the polling places will be at their regular locations. - Stan Gorton