Letters to The Islander | May 16

Here is a lovely photo taken immediately after the 2019 ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Kingscote by regular Island visitor Darren Kaehne from Mona Vale, Sydney. Thanks Darren!
Here is a lovely photo taken immediately after the 2019 ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Kingscote by regular Island visitor Darren Kaehne from Mona Vale, Sydney. Thanks Darren!

KI development

Course 101: How to become a successful developer on Kangaroo Island:

Step1: find a location that the government and local tourism boards have spent a lot of money promoting (saves you the cost of promoting)

Step2: find an angle that will appeal to the politicians (marinas, high density accommodation, ferries, golf courses, walking trails, jetties and the like).

Step3: employ an artist to draw up a pretty but distorted picture of what the project will look like.

Step4: go to the government to convince them to give you a grant (handout) by using the usual on point lingo (jobs, (pull the figure out of the air-between 20 and 100 usually sounds good), eco, exclusive, expensive etc. Use the same verbology to obtain special status so that you don't have to deal with local authorities and regulations.

Step5; now that you have the grant and the special status classification go back to the government and convince them to give you any additional adjoining land for free (preferably on the coast to add value to the project).

Step6: now that you have the grant and the additional land try to on sell the project so that you can keep the value of the grant and the land for yourself.

Step7: if you can't sell the idea of the project, look for investors so that you can spend their money in developing the project.

Step8: go through the usual process of public consultation (it looks good on paper) knowing full well that the concerns raised can be ignored.

Step9: if you haven't managed to sell the idea to a third party or to investors and you must fund the project yourself (minus the grant) make sure you charge as much as possible to ensure the riff raff don't have access.

Step10: on no account divulge that you are only interested in gaining as much financial gain as possible without any regard to the location, environment, local community, investors, government, etc.

Holger Welz, American River

Mayo candidates

I understand that Clive Palmer of the United Australia Party has stated that when he gets into parliament, he will disband the River Murray-Darling Basin agreement. He has also stated in an interview on television, that he will make sure that a nuclear power station is built in SA. Steven Marshall informed the interviewer that the people of South Australia had spoken and they did not want a nuclear power station in their state. (At least he listens to what people want.)

Clive Palmer informed the interviewer that the people of South Australia were going to get a nuclear power station and he would make sure it happened. He had not costed this very expensive power option nor considered what the people of South Australia want. He did not answer the interviewer's question as to whether he would pay his workers their entitlements.

I understand that on 18 January 2016, Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel entered voluntary administration. Palmer declined to pay the entitlements of workers who lost their jobs when Queensland Nickel closed. This forced the Federal Government to cover the workers' entitlements. In April 2019 Palmer announced that he intended to re-open the refinery and pay the money owed to workers. The Special Purpose Liquidator of Queensland Nickel stated that Palmer's offer was inadequate as it doesn't cover the money owed to small businesses and was unclear whether he would repay the Federal Government. The Liquidator is seeking $200 million from Palmer, other individuals and related entities, with a trial to take place from July 2019.

It was pointed out on the television that Clive Palmer has spent millions of dollars on advertising for the Federal Election for his United Australia Party (UAP) but still ignores paying the money he owes.

I believe Clive Palmer has given his preferences to the Liberal Party and they have given their preferences to him. Georgina Downer appears to be claiming that things the Federal Government has done for Mayo are her doing. Most of these were lobbied for Mayo by Rebekha Sharkie.

Rebekha Sharkie is an independent. She does not owe allegiance to any political party and does not have to do what any party says. Allegations have been made that a vote for Rebekha Sharkie is a vote for Bill Shorten but this is NOT correct. In fact during her time as a politician, Ms Sharkie has voted to pass more Liberal bills than Labor bills. Rebekha Sharkie does not support drilling in the Great Australian Bight. She also does not support Labor's dividend policy.

Sarah Hansen Young is a Greens Senator and is against drilling in the Great Australian Bight. She and Rebekha Sharkie are trying to have the area declared a Marine Reserve/Sanctuary. I believe that Labor candidate for Mayo Saskia Gerhardy and Labor Senator candidate Emily Gore are also against oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

Wendy Wallace, RSD 13 Flinders Chase Service, Stokes Bay

(We have been contacted by Georgina Downer to clarify that contrary to the statement originally made in this letter that she does not support any drilling in the Great Australian Bight that would cause environmental harm.)

Outcomes expected

Rebekha Sharkie's Centre Alliance supporters and members are so uncritical in their devotion, they often repeat her claims of credit for outcomes which she had little or nothing to do with, and promote her manifest failures as achievements.

Re: Les Montanjees' letter of April 18, cites mostly activity rather than achievements, which only works to confirm my assertion that Rebekha Sharkie has delivered very little. Lobbying for a Kangaroo Island tax offset zone but not getting one is a failure, not an achievement. Lobbying for a GP outreach service for Kangaroo Island but not getting one is a failure, not an achievement. Introducing bills that don't even get debated, let alone passed, and petitions which get ignored, are not achievements. They are failures.

The Coalition Government is providing energy assistance payments for pensioners, supplementary road funding and mining exclusion zones. The AEC secured a KI pre-poll location. Sharkie is not responsible for those things as claimed by this letter. The Coalition Government and the AEC are responsible.

That's the beauty of Sharkie's so-called 'independence': claiming credit for everything and being accountable for nothing. I expect a lot more from our Federal MP, I expect outcomes, and believe we deserve much better.

Lisa Crago, Pelican Lagoon, Liberal Party KI Branch treasurer


Having heard many varying arguments about the proposed Port facility at Smiths Beach, I decided to attend the Town Hall presentation of the EIS the other day. I was keen to look at the facts to find out exactly what the impact would be on the environment so I could make an informed opinion.

On arrival I was surprised to encounter people milling around on the steps outside not moving in or out of the hall. In-fact I needed to ask people to move so I could get through to the presentation.

I thought the EIS was comprehensive and well presented and led me to conclude that the proposed port will NOT impact the environment as has been suggested by its opponents.

It was only when I read The Islander's Facebook page later that I realized the people milling around on the steps outside were opponents of the port attempting to bully and intimidate the individuals trying to access the information to make an informed opinion. Frankly I find such behavior un-Australian.

Having read the information I can see that opponents may not want others to see the EIS, but in a small community such behaviour can not be condoned.

David Martin, Brownlow