Kangaroo Island Services Directory goes live online

SITE LAUNCH: Janet Devlin and Petra Seitz from Summit Health, Caroline Hill from FocusOne Health, Maria Morgan from ATEC,Tania Alland from Summit Health and Maree Baldwin from Junction launch the Kangaroo Island Services Directory.
SITE LAUNCH: Janet Devlin and Petra Seitz from Summit Health, Caroline Hill from FocusOne Health, Maria Morgan from ATEC,Tania Alland from Summit Health and Maree Baldwin from Junction launch the Kangaroo Island Services Directory.

The Kangaroo Island Services Directory is live online!

A new website with information about local health, community and support services is now live and was demonstrated on Wednesday, May 15 in Kingscote.

The launch for the online service directory was celebrated on May 15 at the KI Community Centre by Junction by local and visiting service providers of Kangaroo Island during the combined Community Services Forum and Employment Training Networking Forum.

The site supports people living on Kangaroo Island to find the right service, at the right time in the right place. It lists services to improve well-being with a holistic approach.

People living on the Island stand in the centre of this initiative and support services in six domains: safety, physical, mental, relationships, material and learning.

If you live on Kangaroo Island and need support for your well-being, just visit https://ki.servicesdirectory.org.au/

Put in a relevant search word, for example "podiatry", and your location. The results will show services available in your region.

If you provide a service for people living on Kangaroo Island, list your organisation today. The listing is free and will only take a few minutes. Just follow the prompts under FAQ on the site.

This initiative is funded and supported by Country SA PHN.

Online service directories have been rolled out across South Australia in partnership with FocusOne Health and regional stakeholders. Thirteen regional directories will be online by the end of June.

The Kangaroo Island directory has been delivered by Summit Health and supported by Junction Australia, the Community Centre and local volunteers.

Users will be able to find what they are looking for in three clicks or less; searching by service or organisation name or within the relevant domain.

Information can also be filtered by location within a region and age range. NDIS registered services and those available after hours can also be obtained via a filter.

Organisations are encouraged to provide detailed descriptions using key words about their services to improve the potential for their service to come up as a choice when the user is searching by key terms.

If you need support accessing the directory or would like to learn how to use it please contact Maree Baldwin on 8553 2809 or drop into the KI Community Centre at 16 Telegraph Road, Kingscote.

The six service categories

Safety Services that provide protection from potential harm or tools to assist individuals to prevent harm within the family and community. Examples: Police, Child Abuse Report Line, Emergency accommodation, Domestic Violence services, Neighbourhood Watch, Crisis care, Homelessness services, Lifeline, Kids Help line, ACIS Bullying programs and cyber safety.

Physical Health Services providing support for individuals to achieve and maintain growth and development and facilitate access to prevention measures to redress any emerging health concerns. Examples: physical activity, nutrition and diet, alcohol and drugs, medical self- care, rest and sleep. Examples: Disability, Primary health (GP, Dental, Specialists, Child and Youth Health), Allied Health (OT, Speech Pathologist, Psychologist, physiotherapist), Nutrition/Dietician, sports Club, alcohol and substance use.

Mental Health and Emotional Health Services providing support to individuals to enable them to realize their own potential, cope with normal life stresses, work productively and fruitfully and be able to make a contribution to their community. Improving an individual's ability to understand the value of their emotions to enable them to move forward in a positive direction. Examples: Alcohol and substance abuse, Mental health services (Adult and CAMHS), Psychologists, GP (mental health care plans), NGO agencies, Bullying programs, parent /child conflict, parenting programs.

Relationships Services that provide support to individuals to improve their emotional involvement with family, partners, peers and community. Assisting them to achieve a sense of connection within their immediate environment. Examples: Community Centres, Parenting programs, Friendship groups, Community groups, Parent/child services, Counselling, Psychology, Cultural groups, Spiritual groups, Playgroups, Schools, Kindys, Children's Centres

Material Basics Services that improve individuals and families access to adequate and stable housing, adequate clothing, health food and clean water. Improving their ability to act meaningfully to pursue goals and enjoy a satisfactory quality of life. Examples: Financial counselling, Emergency financial assistance, Housing, Centrelink, Community Welfare i.e. food, assistance programs Transport services, Employment services and programs.

Learning Services that provide support to individuals and families to acquire knowledge and skills through study, experience or being taught. Facilitating people's engagement with learning. Examples: Schools, Preschools, Children's Centres, Homework Clubs, University, TAFE, FLO providers, Community Adult Education, Skills Development, VET courses, Sports clubs, Activity clubs i.e. Scouts, Tutoring, Community centres