KI Netball action from Round 3 | PHOTOS

Parndana reports

A Grade: Parndana vs Wisanger - A perfect day in the heartland of Parndana. Wisanger and Parndana lining up quite evenly for the first half with an even score. Kate and Phillipa the dynamic duo in goals (P), were consistent, until the last minutes of the 2nd quarter, where Amy and Anne (W) got a few key rebounds & intercepts. In the third quarter the game remained even, both teams keeping strong in defense. In the last quarter, Marina (P) continued to dominate making it tricky to pass into goals. Parndana coming through with a win.

B Grade: Parndana V Wisanger - Wisanger came out fighting with a strong defence and side, Emma and Gen consistent in the goals for the first half. Bridget and Mel were having a good tussle. A change at half time saw Kimberley come on into centre and Rhana into goals, giving Parndana a strong start. However, Wisanger with Renae into goals were far too strong. Takeda was put back into G.K. for the last quarter and took some great intercepts. However, Wisanger were too strong and came home with a comfortable win.

C Grade: Parndana vs Dudley - On a warm calm day the game started evenly with Parndana just ahead at quarter time. DU young girls ran the court making great leads and keeping the game fast. Parndana goalies worked well together with Meika Dunstan passing into them well. As the game progressed the fairly warm conditions began to tell and the last quarter both teams slowed down. Parndana stayed up all game to be well ahead at the end. Excellent court play by both teams. Steph Wurst and Abbe White played well for Parndana and Wibke Tiemann and Tash Willson for DU.

D Grade: Parndana vs Wisanger - Wisanger defence took charge of the game early and was backed up by accurate shooting by Kaitlin Warner and Opris Osbourne (W). Who fed each other and read the ball well. Wisanger up at half time with a commanding lead. In the second half Parndana made some positional changes which saw an improvement in their game play. Brilliant intercepts for debutante keeper Kate Heinrich (P) unfortunately wasn't enough to get the result Parndana needed. Wisanger having a comfortable win.

15&U: Parndana vs Wisanger - Wisanger came out strongly with Kali Turner and Seraphina Snowball shooting accurately. Parndana made some positional changes in the second quarter and took a little while to settle. Scarlett Trethewey (P) applied consistent pressure through the mid court, while Opriss Osborne in centre, continued to provide options for Wisanger. Abby Murray and Iiesha Kuchel combined well in the circle for Parndana in the final quarter, but Wisanger were stronger and more consistent with their leading and passing and ran away easy winners.

13&U: Parndana vs Wisanger - The weather was calm and both the Wisanger and Parndana teams came together with smiles on their faces. A great bunch of girls played a competitive game. Regan, Matilda, Tahlia, Lani and Shaylee battled it out in the goal at the Wisanger end. In the mid court, Kelesha, Sophia, Kelsey, Sascha, Lily, Alex and Brooke worked hard to keep the ball flowing. In Parndana attacking third Layla, and Maddie battled it out with Taya and Gracie providing a strong defense. A super bunch of girls - strong competition with Parndana winning in the end.

11&U: Parndana vs Wisanger - A great start by Wisanger with strong devernce. Bri (W) making it hard for the Parndana goalies to get the ball in. Grace Wells (P) leading and passing well, with scores level at quarter time. Kelsie (W) very consistent in defending and attacking. Excellent turnovers from Lily and Bella for Parndana. Great movement by Ava and Kailey (P) and some great defending from Annalise (W) throughout the game. Charlotte (P) had a very consistent game. Mia (P) leading and passing well. What a great game to watch. The last quarter very exciting to watch with the end score resulting in a draw.

9&Unders: Parndana vs Wisanger - 1st quarter both teams displayed excellent passing and defending. Well done to Parndana on shooting 2 goals. In the second quarter the kids were all having a great time and there was excellent sportsmanship on both sides. Lots of talking and calling for the ball. Well done to Parndana on scoring another 3 goals. During the 3rd quarter Wisanger got so close to scoring their first goal but didn't quite get to the ring. Well done to Parndana on scoring another 3 goals. A great game to watch, well done everyone! - Kim Berlin

Kingscote reports

A Grade - What a tough close match to watch that could of went either way. There was only a goal or two in it at each of the breaks. Wonks had some great pressure up the court resulting in a few good turnovers. Kingscote defenders Bridget, Caitlin and Morgan worked hard the whole game and offered great back up and support bringing it down. Wonks had a strong lead in the last quarter with their goalies Verity and Carly working well together. Kingscote left there run too late but pegged it back to only 3 goals in the end.

C Grade - Both teams very evenly matched. Very close all game with some great shooting from both teams. Wonks were too strong on the day and finished in front.

D Grade: Kingscote played very strong in a great friendly game. Tania and Julie as usual on fire in goals with great defense by Maddy and Alicia. Maddy going off as did Cherie for WD. Scarlett happily switched and shone in GD. Jade came on and did an awesome job. The score didn't reflect how hard WD played.

11&U: Kingscote with some Under 9s filling in did well but Wonks were too strong in the end with good ball work all over the court.

9&U: Game started evenly with two goals in the first quarter for each team. Nice fair play as the girls were all matched in height and ability. Nice game to watch.