KI sports community joins hands for National Reconciliation Week | PHOTOS

Winter sport and the KI community joined hands on the weekend at football and netball matches across the Island.

Kangaroo Island got behind National Reconciliation Week for the first time with its own Indigenous round featuring a series of events and activities.

The football day began with the 5Kix-FM Footy Show where Kangaroo Island Football League secretary, Cathie Tydeman spoke with Sharon Gaskin about her family journey.

This included Sharon's youngest son Bailey, who recently was accepted to the SA Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy.

They also spoke some of the elements of the KI Indigenous round., acknowledging the Aboriginal people involved in football and the diverse backgrounds of all of these people.

The Aboriginal flag was flying at both the Kingscote and Western Districts sporting grounds.

At Kingscote, people entering the grounds were greeted with a sea of hands on entry Aboriginal flag colours and on exit, the Island's five club colours.

The hands were assembled by Sharon Gaskin and her family friends.

KICE students displayed art in the Kingscote clubroom, which had been prepared in the weeks leading up to National Reconciliation Week.

"We are grateful to KICE and in particular Hannah Morgan, who supported students to get involved and organised the displays," Ms Tydeman said.

In the Kingscote Reserves game, umpires wore the specially designed shirts carrying the artwork created by Bailey Gaskin as part of his South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy studies.

The KIFL went a step further with Bailey's art organising for a special beanie with a small patch design of the logo in place.

The beanies were presented each of the Best-on-Ground players in each match across the Island.

Bailey made the Best-on-Ground selection for the Colts and decided to select two players as each team had a stand out.

Bailey then went on to boundary umpire with his mate Mahaki Edwards, who also assisted with the set up on the day.

In a first, at least for the football league, Island sport joined together with the local community centre and Junction.

Janine Warren and Maree Baldwin from the centre providing a rock painting and colouring activity in the clubrooms.

The children attending created some beautiful painted rocks, which they could take home with them.

Ms Tydeman thanked all the clubs and in particular the small but very enthusiastic organising committee.

"We were so happy to take this opportunity and build it across the community and our sport," she said.

"It is important to all of us that we create a sport that is inclusive and provides recognition for all cultures.

"We are also all about supporting our young people and to be able to have Bailey Gaskin's visual contribution was an important factor.

"We know that there are several Aboriginal players across our clubs, older and younger, and there are also many different stories, paths and histories for these players and their connection to Kangaroo Island.

"Regardless of where their own kinship is based we welcome them here and celebrate - with sincere recognition - our hopeful future together."