KI Football Round 7 action | PHOTOS

Kingscote A Grade

Kingscote opened the game with heaps of energy but could not take advantage on the scoreboard.

Dudley United could not penetrate their forward zone, although their team play improved as the game went on.

Luke Bruce was giving the Hound dogs full advantage at the ruck contests and the quarter time scores of K 5-7 to DU zilch told the story.

In the second quarter, Kingscote's inaccuracy continued, while the Eagle boys persisted, leaving the half time score at K 8-13 to DU 3-2.

Dan Florance scored twice early in the third while others could only kick behinds. Dudley again struggle to find forward success until Clayton Willson goaled after the siren DU 4-2 to a wasteful Dogs score of 13-16.

In the last quarter, lots of errors crept in on both sides and the result of K 14-19 to DU 6-5 tells that Dudley won the last quarter and Kingscote has lots of improvement to make in coming weeks. - P. Brauer

Western Districts reports

A Grade: Both sides light on numbers, but confident after wins last week. Stewart using his body around the packs, in perfect conditions for him. Berry was a good target up forward for Wisanger and he kicked the first of the game. The game turned into a scrap, but Wisanger kept being first of the ball. The home side reactionary rather than making the play and they were only kept in the game by bad kicking by Wisanger.

Wisanger continued where they left off in the second, but again couldn't put a major on board. Hinton brought the margin back under a goal but it was their defence, led by Fogden and S. Hammat that were keeping Wonks in it. Wonks scrapping the quarter out, Jolly and Lockett always in and under but Wisanger were able to keep the home side at arm's length, up by 9 points at the long break.

Linke kicked his second against his old side, as Wisanger got the half off to the perfect start. Larcombe tried to get his team going, using the footy well to the forward line, then kicking following up with a goal of his own. This did seem to inspire Wonks, Whale following up with another major soon after to have the game on level pegging. Larcombe working hard around the ground, Wonks defence standing up under pressure from multiple forward entries. Wisanger kept at it though and broke the game open with 3 goals in a row. Larcombe continued to work hard, but others were wasteful with the ball going forward, leaving Bott and his defence to clean up for Wisanger. The Panthers with a four-goal lead at the final break.

Kicking with the breeze, Wonks still fancied their chances, but it was Berry taking a strong and kicking the major to just about finish the contest. Tyley, Fryar and Stewart were stronger in the centre, Berry capped a strong day with his sixth and it was Wisanger by how far. Berry kicked his seventh soon after before Wonks kicked the last four of the game to put respectability on the scoreboard. Wisanger worked better as a team on the day and deserved their win taking them to the top of the table for the first time in over a decade.

Reserves: The reserves was the event of the day, with Corey Hammat becoming the 10th Western Districts player to play 300 games, while the game could become ladder shaping for both sides. Despite missing a few players, Wisanger burst out of the blocks, Kereti leading from the front. The milestone man got into the game, laying a brilliant tackle and setting up Protheroe for Wonks first. Wonks settled around the clearances, Bushy running the ball out of defence a number of times. "Five goal Fyzill" kicked his first of the game, as Wonks started getting on top. Tippett, with a nice snap on the left, got the responding goal bringing it back to a one goal margin at the end of an exciting quarter.

The defences were doing a good job for both sides. Riggs, Bushy and Robbo were good for Wonks, while Collins, Warena and Kereti were just as good for Wisanger. Whittle showed courage and set up Short for the first of the quarter, and Grindley found himself in plenty of space setting up his forwards with awesome kicking. Bushy continued to provide plenty of run, as did Riggs as Wonks started kicking away. Protheroe and Short made big targets up forward and they combined well. Wonks keeping Wisanger scoreless, their defence setting the standard.

Hammat turned back the clock with a brilliant snap from the boundary. Wonks attacking hard, the old and young combining well and working as a team. Hammat showing he could kick the easy as well as the hard, Wonks adapting to the wintery conditions better. Pohlner and Grindley winning everything out of the centre, but Turner worked hard for Wisanger and broke the run of seven goals, but still left them with a 48-point deficit at the last change.

It was a tale of the defences once again; the heat having gone out of the game. Wonks defence again standing up tall, Short setting up Hammat with another goal. Riggs and Bushy doing well out of defence again ending with Hammat kicking his sixth, Wonks winning by 75 points in a dominant display.

Colts: The colts was certainly a competitive game, Western Districts had their chances to score early on, but bounce wasn't going their way. Wisanger was able to repel these attacks and took their opportunity to go forward, but could only put points on the board, before finally putting a couple of majors on board. Good defence from both sides.

In the second, Henry Hammat took a mark in the forward line that rivalled his fathers high jump record and booted Wonks first major. Dylan Glynn playing well for Wisanger, as well as the Turner boys getting plenty of the ball and Jackson Lockett showing great work ethic around the ground. This set up the Wisanger boys, kicking a couple in a row, but credit to the Wonks boys continuing to fight hard around the ground. Gage Shulver kicked Wonks second before Teak Whale got his first goal in colts to bring the margin back to 19 points at half time.

The third quarter was mainly Wisanger, Wade Berden and Charlie Baker were beating their opponents, and Jackson Lockett was dominating around the ground. Tyson Whittle was enjoying his time in the middle, and Jay Whale had plenty of pace but Wonks ball use was rushed a bit. This showed on the scoreboard, Wisanger winning the quarter 3 goals to 1.

Jackson Lockett snapped his third goal to cap off a great game, the ball use by both sides left a bit to be desired. Defence by both sides was fantastic, but in the end Wisanger came up trumps winning by 47 points but both sides can be proud of the game that was played. - Ball Magnet