KI Netball action from Round 4 | PHOTOS

Kingscote reports

A Grade: Kingscote vs Dudley - Another close match for Kingscote this week, coming out in front by two goals in the end just the confidence booster they needed.

It has been years since Kingscote defeated Dudley in the A grade. It was a tight close match the whole way through with Kingscote defenders working well together with the mid court to get it down easier than previous weeks.

Kingscote Goalies having to work hard with great pressure from the Dudley defenders. Great feeding and drive down the court from Eliza Sheridan-Turner. Kingscote up by five going into the last quarter and just held on in the end. Great game to watch!

C Grade: Kingscote vs Dudley United - The game started quietly with many unforced errors from both teams, mainly due to poor passing. Dudley had the best of the play with Tash Willson making the most of her height in goal keeper and several U15s players bringing quick, young legs.

Kingscote's defences were able to turn some balls over in the first half with strong rebounding but Kingscote was overall lacklustre and could not capitalise.

Alice Robinson shot strongly for Dudley. The Eagles were up by six goals at half-time. Wholesale position changes at half-time did little to lift Kingscote but a burst of energy early in the final term gave Kingscote a sniff of victory.

Bridget Black lifted her team from centre and the mother-daughter combination of Iris and Juanita Warena in goals proved an intuitive and sure combination to give Kingscote an unexpected nine-goal turnaround victory.

D Grade: Kingscote vs Parndana - Kingscote dominated the goal scoring for the first half with excellent defense from Pauline Ward and Alicia Jamieson. Even court play from both teams. Kingscote winning comfortably in the end but once again score didn't reflect the play.

Western Districts reports

A Grade: Sun was shining with a slight breeze at the start of the game. Both Wisanger and Western Districts started strong going goal for goal for the first half of the quarter. Western Districts defence Lauren and Connie were able to pick some rebounds and passes which WD goalies were able to capitalise on.

Anne and Liberty were havng a great contest against Verity and Carly (WD) in the ring. 2nd qtr saw Wisanger nearly double their goals with Western Districts playing very consistently. Few positional changes for WD Centre court and they were able to keep up the pace.

Wisanger players tried hard all quarter. Western Districts goalies Carly and Verity positioning, rolled and swooshed many goals. Great game to watch. Score doesn't reflect the quality of play in great spirits. Final Score Western Districts 65 defeated Wisanger 23

D Grade: Wisanger started strong with some good shooting from the Warner sister goalie combo. Then the rain started and it evened up with some good defence from Western Districts with Alex Barwick making some great intercepts.

Western Districts continued strong in the 3rd qtr with Chaye Beckwith playing her maiden goalie game. Final quarter started with Wisanger leading by only five goals, however Wisanger took the win by 10 after some team changes - good defence from Wisanger's Ella and Joanna. Final Score Wisanger 35 defeated Western Districts 25

13&Under: Both teams taking many intercepts to start, then play settled. Raemi Morris and Sophie Were for Western Districts (WD) working well in the goal ring and making shots count. Whilst Tahlia Florance and Gracie Kaupilla putting lots of pressure on for Wisanger.

Amahli Whale (WD) working hard through the Centre for WD taking some good intercepts and passing well into the goalies. WD leading 11 goals to 2 at 1/4 time. WD had a strong second quarter leading 20 goals to 2 at half time.

Tayah Shurven into GK and Gracie Kaupilla at GD for Wisanger were tight in defence making the Saints girls work, same with Grace Morgan and Molly Watters for WD. 3/4 time WD lead 28 goals to 5.

Rose Kemp (WD) and Brooke Miller (Wisanger) having a great tussle in the Centre all quarter. Well done to all girls, everyone put in lots of effort. Final Score Western Districts 35 to Wisanger 9.

9&Under: Western Districts started off strong leading up until 3rd quarter. Then Wisanger took the lead winning 6 to 4. All girls are improving every week.