KI Netball action from Round 5 | PHOTOS

Wisanger match reports

A Grade - Kingscote 45 def Wisanger 35

Great tight game by both teams. Strong shooting and defence by all. Kingscote started to pull away but still a tight contest. Kingscote too strong in the end running away with the game.

B Grade - Wisanger 46 def Parndana 42

First quarter defences good and both teams shooting accurately. Second quarter Wisanger mid court taking some good intercepts. Good clean game with Rhana and Cherie playing great for Parndana. Third quarter great defence by Renae and Mel for Wisanger. Accurate shooting by Wisanger but Parndana settled and caught up. Tight final quarter with lots of turnovers. Defence great for Wisanger and good support from mid court. Excellent game to watch.

C Grade - Kingscote 53 def Parndana 40

Cool, fine conditions greeted players to Wisanger. Both teams played a tight, tough game with Kingscote in front early. They stayed that way throughout the game with shooters Carlie and Juanita accurate and consistent. Strong defence from both teams.

Positional changes saw Parndana out scoring Kingscote in the last quarter but Kingscote maintained their strong lead to win convincingly.

D Grade - Wisanger 55 def Parndana 27

Both teams came out strong in the first quarter with Parndana goalie Natasha Murray and Wisanger's Kaitlin Warner shooting accurately. Wisanger came out stronger in the second quarter taking the game.

15&U - Wisanger 66 def Kingscote 25

A great day for netball at Panther Park. Wisanger ready to pounce on the hounds. A good first quarter by both sides, Wisanger capitalising on turnovers with great shooting by Kali and Seraphina. Wisanger leading at quarter time. Some great defence by Kingscote all the way down the court but the Panthers just too strong in all positions.

Excellent running and defence by Opriss Osborne and Gracie Nolan for Wisanger. Wisanger leading by 23 at half time. Panthers increasing their lead in the third quarter with positional changes. Ella Warner working well in goals. 13 and under Tahlia Florance worked hard in GD and Hannah Florance in GK for Wisanger.

Wisanger continued to work as a team right though to the fourth quarter, rattling Kingscote. 13 and under Zoe Berden provided her fellow team members with excellent leads and fed the goalies well. Credit to Kingscote layers for never giving up. A true team game by Wisanger.

13&U - Wisanger 28 def Parndana 20

Fine conditions and even play in the first half kept scores level at half time. Wisanger played a strong third quarter with Zoe and Indy taking some strong rebounds to allow a second attempt at goals. Parndana came out in the fourth quarter determined to close the gap with Lani and Layla combining well in goals but Wisanger matched them goal for goal.

11&U - Western Districts 26 def Wisanger 22

Western Districts played really well with an extra spring in their step. Wisanger 2 never gave up with exceptional effort by Liam, Harley and Ben. Liam covered centre court well whilst Ben and Harley really improved their game. Lily (W2) held her own against a tough opponent Magellen (WD). Western Districts too strong in the end.

11&U - Wisanger 10 def Kingscote 4

Close game all giving great competition. Wisanger first quarter of 5 goals the only difference.

9&U - Wisanger 1 def Kingscote 0

Wisanger started out strong shooting the first goal in the first few minutes. From there both teams had some tight defence as well as some great attacking. This made for a very even game. Well done to all girls from both teams!

Dudley match reports

A Grade - DU 50 def Parndana 47

A very even 1st quarter with Emma and Tash (DU) shooting accurately - score even at quarter time. DU defences Stacey and Tam getting some turnovers in the 2nd quarter, DU up by 5 at half time. After a few changes at half time by both teams, Parndana settled first, Courtney and Pip (P) taking some great intercepts, Parndana catching up by three. The last quarter was a scrappy, exciting one with lots of turnovers. Dudley hanging on for their first win of the season by 3 goals. A good, clean competitive game. Thanks for Della and Sharon for umpiring.

C Grade - DU 35 def WD 27

Great start to the game, both teams playing well, good competition in goals. Dudley leading. Great defending by both goal keepers Linda Stoeckel (DU) and Bev Nolan (WD). Accurate shooting by Dudley's Alice Robinson and Teagan Spark. Good movement in the centre by Dudley. Erika Eriksson defending well for WD.

15&U - DU 48 def P 39

Both teams started strong, Parndana kept their defence strong, but Dudley's precise shooting had them leading by the end of the 1st quarter. Both teams remained strong with their defence and offence throughout the game, Dudley were just one step in front coming away with the win.

D Grade - WD 40 def K 33

11&U - P 11 def DU 7

Western Districts match reports

D grade - The game started steady for both teams but Western Districts were able to secure the first few goals. Defenders Pauline Ward and Alicia Jamieson (K) played well making it hard for the Western Districts wings to pass into goal shooters but Tessa Shalay and Chloe Pitman (WD) were able to shoot some beautiful long goals which built WD players confidence.

With Kingscote goalie Julie Horsfall departing the game with an elbow injury Michelle Barrett took to the court which gave Tania Rhodes the opportunity to have a run out in the mid court. Going into the second quarter Western Districts made some positional changes all the way down the court. Victoria Francis, Sabrina Davis and Chaye Beckwith (WD) were a tough zone defence against the Kingscote goalies forcing the young mid court players for Kingscote Chloe Keenan and Xenia Lenz to be accurate with their passes into their shooters.

Michelle's height and Tania's athleticism proved necessary and these ladies shot well and fought hard all game. A quick phone call to Carly Johnson and Kingscote had a tall shooter and defender for the second half of the game. Goal shooter combinations for Western Districts Deb, Chloe and Chaye kept the defence thinking and WD were able to sustain their lead for the second half of the game.

Mid court players for WD Tessa Shalay, Leah Couchman, Chaye Beckwith and Fiona McKenzie lead well and took some great intercepts and were a great strength for WD. Kingscote's young mid court players Chloe Keenan, Samantha Nieman and new player exchange student Xenia Lenz positioned and passed well and never gave up.

Both teams using short passes as the ball was slippery due to the cold, wet conditions. Western Districts came away with the points winning a game that was played with great sportsmanship 40-33. Thanks also to umpires Jesamine Wood and Bridget Black, scorers and timer for coming out on a cold and wet Wednesday night. Both teams fought hard all game

B Grade - The game started slow, with good play down the court for both teams keeping the score within two goals at half time. Kingscote's defence put strong pressure on the Western Districts attack with a number of intercepts. Western Districts came out strong in the second half to push out the lead in the third quarter, and eventually came away with the win.