Winter swimming comes to Kangaroo Island | PHOTOS

Winter swimming came to KI on Sunday, June 2 when two members of the Narooma Numnutz winter swimming club visited and took a dip with a group of hardy locals at Emu Bay on Sunday.

Joining Chris Black and Kirsten Svensson from Narooma NSW were regular KI swimmer Michael Amor, who swims Emu Bay year round at 7.30am each morning, as well as Graham Morris, Rebeka Turner and this Islander journalist Stan Gorton.

The outside temp was 11.5 with 14 degree water. There is now talk of forming a KI winter swimming club, perhaps called the Island Icicles.

The Winter Swimming Association of Australia was formed in 1976 and now includes 42 clubs from NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, although none yet in South Australia.

More than 5000 swimmers now compete weekly during the five winter months of May to September. More than 200 Olympians and many, many SLSA champions are past or present champions at the WSAA Championships.

Meanwhile, KI local Susi Whitehead on the weekend had good friend Crystal from Queensland celebrating her 40th birthday on the Island with 11 friends.

They dressed as Minions all weekend and swam at the Kingscote ocean pool on Saturday and Sunday.

"She is a big kid at heart and a crazy northern Queenslander to boot and loves Minions," Susi said of Crystal.

"One of her equally nutty mates suggested that we spend the whole weekend in minions onesies. We were not allowed to go anywhere without them on. That included for some first time visitors, including two other North Qlders, to KI having to visit Flinders Chase in their onesie, plus me as the driver."

"Of course the chicks who were insane enough to go for a swim, both Saturday and Sunday, stripped their outer skin off."

Speaking of winter swimming on KI, there are also the group of ladies that swim at the Kingscote ocean pool every morning at dawn, although they apparently wear wetsuits, which rules them as pure winter swimming.

The Islander might have to investigate and join them for early morning swim to see what they enjoy about taking a dip all year round!