KI netballers at the Priceline Pharmacy Country Championships 2019 | PHOTOS

Kangaroo Island Netball Association sent two teams, 13&Under and 15&Under, to the 2019 Priceline Pharmacy Country Championships.

We travelled on SeaLink and we thank them for their ongoing sponsorship and were driven around by our lovely driver Cheryl in the SeaLink Coach.

Our shirts finally arrived from overseas and the girls excitedly wore them for their team photo and we thank Elders for their generous sponsorship towards the cost of the shirts.

Lucy of KI Kitchens donated a scrumptious meal for the girls when they arrived at Warradale Urban Camp School and our two catering camp cooks Louise Swinney-Snowball and Sandra Osborne did a magnificent job of feeding us all and with a yummy Mexican feast on Sunday night.

While the girls were outclassed on Saturday, coming up against very strong teams, when they were graded into Division Three on Sunday to compete against like teams, they met with success and were highly excited to win their first game and their way into finals on Monday.

The girls were a credit to their coaches 13&U Jane Roberts and 15&U Kristy Turner and the managers 13&U Kellie Whale and 15&U Fiona Morrison, who all constantly encouraged and supported the girls on court.

The girls should all proud of their efforts playing in the carnival against bigger associations and in some cases much taller girls than KI.

The rain decided to come down most of Sunday and everybody got thoroughly drenched but they played on in good spirits.

Chloe Keenan went for a nasty tumble on court injuring her elbow necessitating a visit to sports med for an X-ray but luckily it wasn't broken.

I would venture to suggest that the highlight of the weekend was not the netball but the "KINA's Got Talent" devised by our lovely coach Kristy and some of the acts were hilarious including Patto trying to do the Nutbush on her wonky knees.

Many thanks to Patto's lovely helpers Zoe and Tahlia, who spent quite some time strapping knees, ankles, an Achilles tendon and an umpire who succumbed to a monkey muscle injury through running too hard in one game.

We thank Amy Thomas and Maree Gifford for accompanying the teams. Many thanks to Renae Florance, who went as Maggie's assistant carnival convenor and took over when Maggie had to return home early. - Maggie Patterson, KINA carnival convenor

15&U Rep Team report

Day 1 of Country Champs is always a mix of emotions, from anxiousness to nervous energy. The first day you always play a range of talent being teams filled with State players or angry teenage girls. Depending on how you perform sets the ranking on which division you are placed.

Unfortunately Day 1 was not kind as we were defeated in all four games. Best players throughout the day were Camilla Lovison, Tahnese Childs, Kali Turner & Opriss Osborne.

Day 2 was wet. Luckily our KI girls know how to play in these conditions. We were placed in division three and it was a much more even contest.

We got off to a good start winning against Broken Hill 28-6. No best player could be picked as coach Kristy and team manager Fiona were so proud and emotional about their first win.

Game 2 proved to be more physical with a defeat and our KI girls not used to the physical contact. Chloe Keenan suffered an injury which resulted in a hospital visit and put her out for the rest of the weekend.

Game 3 against Roxby Downs was the heaviest rainfall for the day but an exciting game, with the result being a draw.

Best Players were Iiesha Kuchel and Chloe Pitman working well in goals. Final Game was played against "giants" according to the girls - who wanted to see their ID as they did not believe they were 15&U.

A contested game to watch, the final result being 21- 14 did not reflect the game played. We play these "giants", Northern Areas, tomorrow in the knock out final. Let's hope with a good night's rest and no mobile phones the girls get off to a fighting start.

Our team consisted of Chloe Pitman "Pito", Tahnese Childs "Uncle", Iiesha Kuchel "Quiche", Captain Kali Turner "The Train", Camilla Lovision "Grills", Opriss Osborne "Otchy", Grace Kemp "Bear", Abby Murray "Kebab", Vice Captain Scarlett Johnson "John" and Chloe Keenan "Dashie". This team of girls have come from all five clubs and have made their coach Kristy Turner "Mother ..." and team manager Fiona Morrison "Shrek" very proud. They have showed determination, great skills and excellent sportsmanship. - Kristy Turner coach, Fiona Morrison manager

13&U Rep Team report

We were all excited to be selected to go to Adelaide and represent Kangaroo Island by playing netball and having fun.

When we first got there we were all a bit nervous, but when we started to play our first game we got the hang of it and we also got a taste of how our opposition play as well as our teammates.

It was interesting to see the level of sportsmanship from everyone including personal improvements throughout our three-day experience and our wins to take us through to the finals was just the icing on the cake. As our team manager said "GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!" (aka Kellie Whale).

Jane Roberts is a great Coach because of her calm vibes, encouragement and her netball tips to improve our games. Also a big shout out to our carnival personal chefs Sandra Osborne and Louise Snowball.

They cooked us delicious meals and they always had everything set up in the morning for us and made sure we had something to eat. And last, but not least, thank you to Maggie Patterson, our Carnival Convenor.

She may have been very serious at times but she always made sure everyone was strapped if they needed and made sure the bus was on time. - Kelesha Edwards on behalf of the 13&U Superstars

Out of the Mouths of the 13&Under Players:

"The 13s were in Division 3. We won 2 games and lost 2 games. It got very challenging playing against a team that were tall and you didn't know the people." Tahlia Florance

"It was good to play with people that I normally am in opposition to and against people we didn't know." Amahli Whale

"It was good having a challenge and go up against people you didn't know." Raemi Morris

"It was a great experience playing with different people across Kangaroo Island." Molly Watters

"My highlight was staying at Warradale Urban Camp, laughing constantly and bonding with the KI girls. It has been a great experience." Seraphina Snowball

From the Coaches

We played five games in the classification rounds and from our results were placed in Division 3.

This saw the girls come up against similar standard opponents. All girls stepped up and made improvements in their games. They recorded two wins out of four games, in trying conditions, which sent them into the Monday semi-final.

All players were set individual goals which they met throughout the carnival. The team was represented by players from three clubs; Western Districts, Parndana and Wisanger. Players were; Amahli Whale (Captain), Evie Hammat (Vice Captain), Zoe Berden, Seraphina Snowball, Alex Wheaton, Raemi Morris, Tahlia Florance, Kelesha Edwards, Molly Watters and Grace Morgan. All girls should be proud of the manner in which they conducted themselves over the carnival and the good sportsmanship they displayed.

One of the social highlights of the Warradale experience was "KINA's Got Talent" where five acts were performed, namely the 13'Unders performing "Spice Girls", 15'Unders performing "Big and Chunky", Adults outstanding performance of "Continental Drift", a card trick by Evie and Alex, followed by Kelesha, the winner of KINA's Got Talent, with her talent of eating Jalapenos! - Jane Roberts coach, Kellie Whale manager