KI Ploggathon runners pick up 5 tonnes of rubbish so far

Participants in the inaugural KI Seaside Inn Ploggathon have done an remarkable job over the past seven days, picking up an estimated 35,000 pieces of rubbish weighing five tonnes.

Together all the Ploggathon participants, mainly backpackers from all over the world, have covered 500km and collected a literal mountain of rubbish from KI's roadsides.

Organiser and eco-athlete Clement "Clem" Chapel on Wednesday just reached the 212km mark of running himself. He has picked-up more than 10,000 pieces of trash.

Now there are only three days left to reach his objective of running 300km and the finish of the Ploggathon that culminates with a big "Rubbish Party" at the KI Brewery on Sunday.

The Frenchman said it was not too late for Islanders to enter the Ploggathon. All drivers are reminded to please slow down for Clem and the others walking along the roads.

Thursday will see the ploggers run from Emu Bay to Stokes Bay, Friday's route is Stokes to Parndana and then Saturday it's Parndana to Vivonne Bay.

It all culminates at 11am this Sunday, June 23 with the "Rubbish Party" at the KI Brewery, where all the rubbish from the 10-days of plogging will be piled up for all to see.

The KI Ploggathon began on Thursday, June 13 with ploggers covering the roads between Little Sahara and the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil distillery.

They have since covered roadways past American River out to Pennington Bay and then into and around the town of Penneshaw. On Tuesday, they ran from the River to Kingscote and covered roadways around town.

As of Monday evening, they had covered a total of 416 km of roads picking up an estimated 20,000 pieces of litter, weighing around 3 tonnes.

Plogging is a combination of jogging or walking with picking up litter and derives from the Swedish "plocka upp", according to Wikipedia.

It started as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.

English couple Angus Mackay and Kayleigh Rogers from Southampton are backpacking around Australia and saw Clem's post on Facebook calling for ploggers.

Now they have the run the entire distance and will complete the entire Ploggathon having fun along the way.

Also joining Clem is Vivek Luthra from New Delhi, India, who also saw Clem's post and who has done environmental projects in his home city. "It's the best way to experience the Island, walking and plogging."

Register now to participate, cover any distance you can. Contact Clem on 0477 559 132 or through the Ploggathon Facebook page.


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