KI Probus Club news - Adelaide hospital talk

KI Probus Club is all about friendship, fellowship and fun in retirement, or semi retirement.

The club is now seeking new members both young and older to join the happy group that meets monthly commencing with morning tea and often ending with a shared lunch.

In April, the club had the pleasure of hearing from Amanda and Kevin Booker, visiting KI for the bowls carnival.

Their presentation was on the value of sleep in our lives. They are trained "sleepologists" and covered topics such as amount of sleep required, sleep positions, alzheimers, dementia, cramps etc, stating that one goes to bed to rejuvenate.

An interesting sleep trivia quiz had all thinking. Free private consultations were offered for the time the couple were on KI. They hope to return again soon.

The May meeting was in the form of a Trivia Quiz hosted by Erica Barratt. Helen Barrett was the winner with a score of 19/21.

At each meeting president Erica Barratt presents a jar of lollies for those present to guess how many the jar contains. The closest gets to keep the jar and contents. Winners to date have been Liz Grant, Elaine Florance and Margaret Turner.

The club received a sponsorship from SeaLink and used this for visiting guests for the June meeting.

All present had the pleasure of hearing from Deidre Hughes the Rotary Probus District chairperson of District 9520 and a member of the Probus Club of Granite Island and also the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay.

Fellow Probian Beth Kennett accompanied her.

Deidre gave an informative talk about mainland clubs, the problems they sometimes have obtaining persons to act on a committee meaning closure of the club even though one had 80 members.

She spoke of how we can improve our club and resources that are available to help.

Deidre's former vocation was in the nursing profession. With the aid of a powerpoint screen presentation.

All present enjoyed hearing how nursing has evolved over the years from the days of Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp, to the various stages of the former Adelaide Hospital, now Royal Adelaide Hospital.

From the archives, Deidre had obtained many interesting photos showing the first Adelaide hospital up to the present one at Ayers House, now owned by the National Trust.

Deidre spent time living and training there in the early days of her career. The nursing uniforms and strange hats proved interesting as did the basic equipment and beds in the rooms of days gone by.

All present could have asked more questions, however it was time to share a delicious lunch prepared by Probus members.

Deidre was given a large container of KI honey in appreciation, and taken on a tour to special KI venues during the afternoon.

Thanks to all involved in making this meeting so special. - Jaffrey Drinkwater