KI Ploggathon culminates with a mountain of rubbish | PHOTOS

The Kangaroo Island Ploggathon culminated on Sunday afternoon with the big "Rubbish Party" at the KI Brewery.

The mountain of rubbish collected by the ploggers from around Kangaroo Island over the 10 days of the event was placed in neat piles in the field at the back the brewery.

KI Ploggathon organiser Clement Chappel said the final tally was still being calculated at the Kangaroo Island waste recovery facility but so far 4.65 tonnes had been weighed in, of which 1.6 tonnes was recycled.

Plogging is a combination of jogging or walking with picking up litter and derives from the Swedish "plocka upp", according to Wikipedia.

It started as an organised activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.

The KI Ploggathon ploggers covered 760 kilometres of the Island from Vivonne Bay, to Penneshaw, American River, Kingscote, the north coast and Parnadana.

The ploggers piled up all the rubbish into various piles including tyres, bottles and cans. A whole car nicknamed the "Plog Mobile" was created out of found car parts.

Clem said he was so proud of his ploggers who had come all over the world to pick up rubbish on KI.

 A drone shot from the KI Brewery Rubbish Party with ploggers and bags of rubbish spelling out the distance covered.

A drone shot from the KI Brewery Rubbish Party with ploggers and bags of rubbish spelling out the distance covered.

"We had an amazing time at the Kangaroo Island Brewery. What a day, and what an accomplishment! You're all legends!" he said. "We are more than happy that we have reached 760km of plogging for 10 days on KI. It's crazy how much litter we have picked up along the roadsides.There is only one planet Earth and we all have to take care of it!"

He thanked all the businesses who had contributed equipment, meals and other supporters to help the ploggers.

KI Seaside Inn general manager Michael Safralidis was a major supporter housing and feeding the ploggers over the 10 days.

"It's such a good cause," he said. "It's about time people stopped and did something about all the rubbish piling up on our roadsides and pollution in our oceans."

There was lots of fun and games at the Rubbish Party and also some delicious French crepes made by plogger Chloe Spira.

Lincoln Willson, father of Adam of Adam's Eggs who supplied the eggs to make the crepes, guessed the closest number of cans, winning a Fat Bike Tour.

Shayla guessed the closest number of glass bottles, winning a sandboarding pass at Little Sahara.

KI Organic Connection, who donated some seedlings to be planted at the KI Brewery in memory of the ploggers.

The ploggers will now head off on their travels, but they hope the KI community is inspired to keep its roadsides clean.

While some of the ploggers continue their adventures around Australia, organiser Clem is heading back to France to catch up with family and friends.

But who knows where he will pop-up again somewhere in the world organising his next Ploggathon, using the knowledge he gained from the KI experiences.

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