KI Football Round 9 action and reports | PHOTOS

Dudley United vs Wisanger

Wisanger ventured east amid fine clear conditions and it was the visitors who had the first win of the day. Tait Florance was in everything and was named best for the Eagles and Timmy Turner slotted three majors for the Panthers also named best on the day.

The colts was a much more one sided affair with Miller's young Eagle boys looking slick and in control. Callum Willson and Rory Florance controlled the centre with Rory really attacking the ball and delivering to his team mates with precision.

Toby Wheaton mopped up and rarely let the ball past half back but Adam Kinghorne was consistently classy. The mercy rule was activated at half time and scores were doubled, a few jumpers were swapped in an attempt to even things up a bit. Jackson Lockett stood out for Wisanger boys all game and Dylan Glynn tried hard.

The Reserves game was a close contest all game with some experienced players making a return for Dudley. Coach Moose was delighted to have a full list with Adam Buick, Cuz Linke, Luke Bailey, Rhett Willson, Lachie Harvey and Adam Houchin all playing their first game for the season.

A few complaints were heard from Wisanger with some noting the amount of A-grade premierships among the group and also a couple of Mail medals both something Wisanger haven't had in a long time.

Once Wisanger settled into the job they always kept their noses in front albeit by some slim margins and the win was ripe for the taking for both teams.

Dudley Captain Elvis Pressley marking everything that came near him kept Dudley in range but the Panther squad hung in there and got home by a couple of goals in an entertaining contest.

The Dudley A's have been pushing hard and steadily improving searching for their first win for the season and hopes were high with some handy inclusions.

Ben Cameron donning the Green and Gold for the first time since 2017 after being involved with all three premierships in 14,15 and 16.

Hugo Sharkey also bolstered the defense and Kayne Wheaton donned the shin guard in an attempt to stifle big Hutchy's ruck dominance.

Another entertaining contest but Dudley struggled to convert on the scoreboard. Consistently kicking points really took its toll and with just a point separating the teams midway through the last, it seemed a couple of quick goals were what was needed and Wisanger responded.

Kicking the last four and finishing strong Fox Ness' chargers got the job done as Sam Snowball kept clearing the centre and Gavin Mason bagged six.

Boers and Wheaton were their usual excellent selves but not good enough in the end. Well done to all involved with every game played in good spirits. - Simon Wheaton