KI Pony Club holds 2019 presentations | PHOTOS

The Kangaroo Island Pony Club held its annual presentation day for 2019 on Sunday, July 21.

The club was lucky enough to have life member Libby Kelly present for the rally and presentation out at the Birchmore grounds.

We have experienced a great 2018/19 season with lots of growth and enthusiasm within our club. Congratulations to our members who received the following certificates:

D-star Certificate - Dakota Berden, Tilly Bald, Indy Berden, Alex Wheaton, Shaylee Huxtable, Sam Coleby and Montana Berden

D Certificate - Sophie Were, Lucy Were, Shiloh Berden, Levi Coleby, Matilda Kauppila, Mia Henderson, Jem Walter, Shaylee Huxtable and Sam Coleby

E Certificate - Elke Hodgens, Gracie Kauppila, Maddy Robinson, Jem Walter, Charlotte Wheaton, Montana Berden, Maddie Govan, Shaylee Huxtable, Sam Coleby, Lucy Were, Shilo Berden, Levi Coleby, Matilda Kauppila, Mia Henderson, Sophie Were, Dakota Berden, Tilly Bald, Indy Berden and Alex Wheaton

After our certificates were awarded, Libby then presented our annual trophies. Congratulations to the following recipients;

The Bob Dunstan Memorial Trophy for rider under 10 years - Mia Henderson

The Sue Sobey Memorial Trophy for rider 10 years and under 13 years - Levi Coleby

The Brian Fernandez Memorial Trophy for rider 13 years and under 17 years - Sam Coleby

KI Perpetual Trophy for riders 17 years and under 26 years - Maddy Lade

Roper Perpetual Trophy for service to KIPC - Kath Bald

Senior Scouts Venture Trophy for most improved rider - Sam Coleby

We look forward to the coming 2019/20 season and seeing our club continue to grow and prosper. - Bridie Berden