Kangaroo Island Netball Round 10 action | PHOTOS

A Grade: Kingscote vs Wisanger - Congratulations to Kingscote's rock Tash Walden on 250 games and young gun Bridget grimes on 150. With very windy conditions the play was very fast by both sides. Great defending by Caitlin and Bridget. Wisanger were shooting well staying in the lead by 2 goals most of the game. Kingscote's Bethany doing well and fitting right into her new A grade side. Kingscote came out firing in the last quarter scoring 6 goals in a row to get back on top of a physical game. Kingscote held on winning by 3.

B Grade: Kingscote vs Western Districts - Weather was clear and the match started with Kingscote having the first pass. The first quarter both teams playing well with strong defence and accurate goals but Western Districts led the game with 14 to Kingscote 8. By the third quarter the score reflected the play with Western Districts only 6 goals in front, the game had a chance to go Kingscote's way. Fourth quarter ended with a clean win from Western Districts 52 to Kingscote 33.

C Grade: Kingscote vs Western Districts - Multiple failed goal attempts made for a strange start to the game. Eventually Kingscote found the mark and powered ahead to a 12-1 first-quarter break, making it tough for WD to recover. Carlie and Deanna improved their accuracy for Kingscote as the game progressed. Kingscote furthered its lead in the second quarter with Sara in GD and Iris in GK able to capitalise on Wonks' inaccuracy in goals and Jez's pressure at WD forcing feeding errors to the circle. Juanita's passing in Centre continuing to prove a key factor. Wonks shone in the third quarter, with Tayla bringing a strong game in GA to support Millie in goals. Hannah and Alana at the other end proved difficult for Hounds shooters and Westies won the quarter. Iris moved to goals in the last quarter for Kingscote and Carlie had a rare stint in GK, partnered with Ebony. Kayla ran out a full game in centre court with Kingscote further stretching the lead to come home comfortably 43-20.

D Grade: Kingscote vs Western Districts - With a very hard fought game by the top 2 sides. Kingscote have come out strong leading in the first half. Weather conditions very windy but goalies having no problems. Both teams playing hard with Kingscote coming out on top on the day.

11&U: Kingscote vs Wisanger - Sunny windy day with both teams playing very well. Even playing saw a great game with all girls trying very hard. Kingscote came away winners in the last few minutes. Well done both teams on a great game.

Parndana match reports

A Grade: Parndana Vs Dudley - A warm day for sport at Parndana. Dudley come out strong with some good shooting from Dudley's Tash Boxer and Emma Coppins. Parndana came back to even the game in the second and third quarter, saw some good shooting and rebounding from Phillipa Kelly and Fiona Stanton in goals for Parndana. The last quarter began with Dudley only being up by 1 goal, however, Dudley were too strong to take the game by five goals in the end.

C Grade: Parndana Vs Dudley - Parndana started strongly and were well up all game. Excellent court play by both teams with Dudley girls fighting hard, even though some were playing their second game for the day. Shakobi McMulkin and Abbie White played well in goals Parndana and Abi Willson and Wibkee Tiemann fought hard all game for Dudley. Parndana finished the game winning convincingly.

D Grade: Parndana Vs Wisanger - Played in the old on Wednesday night, Wisanger were too strong Parndana and won convincingly.

15&U: Parndana Vs Dudley - Very nice sunny day. Parndana up in the first quarter, Iiesha and Abby shooting well. Dudley coming back in the second half, great defending by Zahlia. In the third, Parndana made some changes and took some time settle, allowing Dudley to get a few quick goals. The saw players becoming tired and some silly mistakes. A good game by both teams. Well done.

13&U: Parndana vs Western Districts - The morning was Sunny and windy. Many Families had just returned from holidays and the girls were happy to see each other. Both teams played a strong game with some great intercepts and turning the ball over in the mid court. Sophie and Regan, Kelesha and Raemi played a strong game in the Weastern Districts attacking third while Alex, Grace, Layla and Molly played well in the Parndana attacking third. Shaylee, Amahli, Evie, Lani, Bella, Dakota and Maddie kept the ball moving well through the mid court. It was a great game with Western Districts too strong and winning convincingly in the end.

11&U: Parndana vs Dudley - Although windy, the sun was shining out at Parndana. Although both teams were lacking in a few players, they both played in good spirits. At the times the score not reflecting the game. Chloe Florance got some great intercepts in defence for Parndana, as did Esther Donaldson for Dudley. Dudley too strong in the end and won convincingly.