Kangaroo Island Netball Round 12 action | PHOTOS

Wisanger reports

A Grade - Wisanger vs Dudley: First quart saw even play by both teams, Dudley taking a small lead into the second quarter. Dudley's shooters were consistent throughout the game and a strong defence gave them a large lead. A change in goals by Wisanger in the last quarter allowed them a small come back however in the end Dudley was the dominant side and took home the win.

B Grade - Wisanger vs Kingscote: Good even first quarter with accurate shooting by both sides. Kingscote got a lead in the second quarter but Wisanger came back to be only 1 down at half time. Great defence and accurate shooting by Wisanger gave them a 10 goal lead at three quarter time. Kingscote's young ones giving it their all. Last quarter Wisanger pulled away and won by 22 goals. Congratulations Renae Florance on your 350 games. Still have another 150 in you. Game played in great spirits.

C Grade - Parndana vs Dudley: First quarter all girls playing well, good play right across the board. Parndana up at quarter time. Parndana gaining some goals in the second quarter to be 7 goals up at half time. Third quarter Dudley fighting back, Parndana leading by 3. Even last quarter with Parndana coming away with the win. Always a fun, spirited match with these two teams. Loads of laughs!

D Grade - Wisanger vs Kingscote: Ella Warner and Hannah Nasese (Wisanger) defending beautifully against Tania Roads and Maddy Johnston but their goals were unstoppable. Kingscote came out with the win for the day.

15&Under - Wisanger vs Dudley: All Wisanger 15s girls came out to play at Panther Park on Saturday. Everyone played a great game of netball and never gave up. Perfect conditions for netball on the day and a nice friendly game for both sides to enjoy. Panthers coming away with the win on home turf for the day.

11&Under - Wisanger 2 vs Kingscote: An even first quarter with defences for both teams playing well - Aimee Gibson and Mia Cartwright for Kingscote and Elke Hodgens and Lily Thomas for Wisanger. Kingscote were down to six players in the second quarter but manage to outscore Wisanger 3-1. Amelia Florance played outstanding in Centre for Kingscote and Isabelle Johnston (Kingscote) playing well in GA. For Wisanger, Matilda Kauppila (GD) and Grace Kelliher (GK) intercepting well. Kingscote leading at half time. Wisanger made some changes and Matilda went into GA and played very well and shot accurately. Nirvana Hall (Wisanger) moving well in Centre and Ben Koopman (WD) intercepting lots of balls. Mia Henderson (WA) for Kingscote reading the play and Ariah Tickner trying hard in GS. Harley Hodgens and Olivia Harkness were a good combination in defence for Wisager in the last quarter. Maddie Govan (Wisanger) moved to WA and provided lots of run for Wisanger. Wisanger had a good final quarter and ran out convincing winners. Thank you Jodi and Pauline for umpiring.

Western Districts reports

A Grade: It was clean game for both Parndana and Western Districts with WD coming out strong in the first quarter. Parndana's Janine Wandel (GA) shot well throughout the game as did Carly Willmott GA for Western Districts. Lauren Downing GD read the ball well, picking up many intercepts. While defence was strong from Parndana coming back in the last quarter, Western Districts held on to the lead to win by 3 goals.

B Grade: Western Districts started well getting an early lead. There was good play throughout the court with great play from both teams. Rachel Pratt and Lilly Buick combined well in defence putting strong pressure on Parndana's goalies. Hollie Peterson made her presence known in WA taking a number of intercepts as Western Districts tried taking the ball down the court. Western Districts managed to hold the lead throughout the game to take home the win.

D Grade: A cloudy day down at Gosse saw the home side Western Districts take on Parndana. WD won the first center pass but Parndana managed to put the first score on the board. A very scattery first quarter with both teams finding their feet. A few changes in the second quarter, with the home side scoring the first 5 goals, leading to a 9-goal turnaround to put the Saints up by half time. In the third saw a very lucky turn around from Sophie Paterson resulting in a goal by the homeside some clever watching bu the WD Goal Keeper Alex Barwick but some good shooting by Parndana's Abbie Murray put Parndana right back in the match. With some more changes heading into the last quarter there was still no clear winner, with WD eventually pulling clear to win by 7 goals.

15&Under: Lots of turnovers started the first quarter with even play from both teams resulting in a score of 10 all at quarter time. More even play followed leaving the score close with WD having only a 2 goal lead at quarter time. WD stepped up the lead to get a lead by 6 heading into the last quarter. Parndana worked hard in the last quarter but WD just a little too strong in the end winning by 11.

13&Under: Western Districts got out to a good start with Raemi and Amahlu combining well. A scrappy game developed with plenty of ball handling errors through the mid court. Parndana out scoring the Saints in the second quarter. To the Saints credit their work rate, encouragement and mid court pressure created many opportunities in the second half, to get the game back on their terms. A good hit out for both teams.