Celebrating Woodstock's 50th anniversary in style | Trending

Celebrating Woodstock's 50th anniversary in style | Trending

Next week marks five decades since the most iconic music festival in living memory. Thanks to current trends, it's simple to capture the spirit of Woodstock and meld it with a modern music festival vibe.

B Collection Noosa knit hat, $9. Any unofficial music festival style guide would indicate that some accessories have been a mainstay for 50 years. bigw.com.au

Balmain sunglasses, two pairs from $299. The hippie-inspired, round framed sunglasses that were so popular during the 1960s have come full circle. specsavers.com.au

Saffron village skirt by Floundling, $159. The pattern, cut and colours in this Indian cotton maxi skirt all pay homage to the Woodstock era - and it has pockets! thestore.com.au

Jonny boots, $260. It goes without saying that nobody wore gumboots to music festivals before the 2000s. At Woodstock, it was mostly either bare feet or basic sneakers, and nowadays ankle boots also fit the bill. wittner.com.au

Holographic gold hologram glitter, $32. Dragging your vintage music festival look into the 21st century is as easy as adding glitter to your make-up routine. maccosmetics.com.au

Festival Survival Kit, $34.99. The essential tin for festival fanatics in your life, it includes two emergency ponchos, two pairs of earplugs, a spork and a stainless steel torch with built-in bottle opener. yellowoctopus.com.au

Super flares, $159.95. A comfy way to rock that 1960s/70s vibe, in a way that only jeans can. rollas.com.au

Shaggy knit cardigan, $94. A nice nod to all the fringing at Woodstock, warm layers are always welcome on those chilly festival nights. boohoo.com.au

VW campervan tent, $585. Large enough to stand up in and internally zip-divided into two rooms, sleeping two people in each one. yellowoctopus.com.au

Astrid straw hobo bag, $49.95. The natural way to carry all your festival essentials. sportsgirl.com.au

Photoderm BB cream, $36.99. Smoothes out pores and skin texture while providing moisture and SPF 50+ to protect against the harmful effects of UV exposure. frenchbeautyco.com.au

Glam and Gloria vintage-inspired denim coat, $127.67. Faux fur lining on the extra wide collar give this chic coat a 1960s vibe. amazon.com.au

Jasper cord pinafore, $99.99. This piece allows you loads of layering options, with that fabulous fabric from yesteryear, cord. elwood.com.au

Suraya rope chandelier, $299. Want to recreate a carefree, 1960s vibe at home? Crochet was all the rage during this time, and its current popularity means you can embrace it again (or for the first time) without it looking kitsch. schots.com.au