Kangaroo Island SALA 2019 exhibition draws crowds | PHOTOS

Kangaroo Island has been in the spotlight in Adelaide this month at the much-lauded "How Do We Love Thee? Kangaroo Island..." art expose.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the KI exhibition at the National Wine Centre for SALA.

A catalogue of 150 works is exhibited across two floors of the Wine Centre runs until Sunday, August 25 and includes many interesting and unusual art forms.

This year's theme "Sanctity and Protection" is a topical one.

It resonates like none that has gone before, galvanizing the 23 participating artists to create new artwork with a focus on the natural unspoiled wilderness of Flinders Chase National Park, currently under unprecedented threat.

Julie-Anne Briscoe, marketing manager for founding sponsor SeaLink SA, congratulated event conveners Fine Art Kangaroo Island on a fantastic milestone, and for arranging and procuring the event for 10 years, as well as staffing the exhibition throughout the month.

The exhibition and associated events promote the cultural and natural assets of island life and provide visitors to the Wine Centre with hands-on experiences and tastings.

Curator Fleur Peters said the opening was well attended with two events drawing around 400 people throughout the day.

The audience mostly comprised mainlanders although 40 Island residents specifically made the trip.

"We have had fabulous and heartfelt feedback that this year's exhibition and opening has been truly memorable" Fleur said.

"Resultant sales for artists have been strong and guests at the opening were moved and intrigued with the floor talk given by Ann Prescott OAM."

Ann, a distinguished botanist and well-known author, drew comparisons between artists and scientists as communicators in the way they view and understand the world, the way they dedicate themselves over many years to their craft, and that often they are driven by their hearts, souls and minds and rarely by the dollar.

She drew on insightful, fascinating and thought-provoking examples of the developments over the past 100 years in scientific understanding of the complexity and connectedness of the natural world messages mirrored in many of the artworks on show.

Don't miss out on viewing these unique creations by the Island's leading artists.

While considerable work has been sold it isn't too late to see the complete exhibition or even to buy a piece of the many works still available.

Everyone who attends the exhibition is welcome to enter the draw for the People's Choice competition and be in the running to win a travel package from the Aurora Ozone Hotel and Kangaroo Island SeaLink.

"How Do We Love Thee? Kangaroo Island..." runs daily at SALA venue #117 National Wine Centre of Australia in Adelaide until 5pm on Sunday, August 25.

For more information contact Fleur Peters or go to fineartkangarooisland.com/exhibitions